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Well, the time change is finally here! ...and I'm more than ready for it. Oh, it messes with my ability to blade in the evenings and the cats are all sorts of confused about why meal times have suddenly changed; but the Fall weather patterns will kick in, the leaf will turn (we don't have an Autumn like you'll find in New England or Nova Scotia), and I'll have some variance in photo subjects (late Summer is a bit of a challenge to me).

Have a good evening...


Let it never be said ol' Tux doesn't have a fire in his belly!

Click the pic for the larger version

Happy Halloween!


No, really, that mantis was at the front door when I opened it! ...and I didn't really believe what I was seeing, so I went and got the camera (and Daniel. He's not 'bugged' easily). ...and I took a shot and closed the door. ...and then prefocused and got down on the floor and opened the door. ...and kept shooting. ...and went outside through the garage and took another few shots facing the door.

...and he just stayed there the entire time, checking me out and waiting like he had a quest to fulfill beyond that portal. ...only there was no way I was letting him in the house, ya' know? I mean, the cats would think he was all sorts of cool and all, especially since he would likely color shift to match the beige rug; but Shelley would likely not appreciate the show.

...and heck, those claws look waaaay sharp close up!


...and let's be clear on this: that isn't my pumpkin at all: that's Mr. Brad in action once again. He and I'd made a store run and stopped by a roadside pumpkin stand on the way home. He decided a white pumpkin would be cool to work with (I'm thinking maybe a ghost?) so I said I'd spring for it. Once we got home he got on the net and discovered Tux was available as a template. That's about all it took. Well, that and about an hour of work...

...and for the non-penguinistas out there: Tux is the 'logo' for the Linux movement in general. He's generally shown as a genial little guy with a belly full of herring. ...when he's not decked out with enough armor piercing rounds to take on Redmond's fortress <g>.

Yep, that's the story of the Tux-o-lantern...


Oh, heck, I'm way behind on archiving the blog. Darn, I get so caught up in 'things' that it slips my mind. ...but that's a lot to ask a dial-up to handle. I'll get to it this weekend.

Last night's fun was the Fall Sports Awards at the intermediate school. Brad got a certificate and a joke or two. It sounds like maybe this group will be back together next year...

Happy Friday!

One of these days I'll get my niche figured out <g>... That Friday shot of the dianthus? That was just an attempt at being a bit 'artsy' by overprocessing a really marginal shot (low contrast, faded lght) to see what I could do with it. ...and I'll be darned if it didn't generate mail from both regular correspondents and lurkers (much appreciated, by the way).

Well, I do put up what I like as well as shots I hope others like. ...and that one was 'salvaged' in Lightroom, which is still in the lead for 'developing' (but with Silkypix a darned strong second; just ignore the mangled instructions and use the 'tool tips').

C-Ya Sunday...


Oh, yes, the wheel did start another turn on Saturday. So the answer is no longer 42...

Then again, it hasn't been for well over a decade...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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