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Yep, I missed a day. School is back in session and homework took priority over all...

...but while I'm at it, here's a note to "Aunt Ann": What Shelley is waxing eloquent about is Paradise Valley, 100% Pure and Simple, All Natural, Creamy Mash Potatoes from Costco. (Sorry, Mom, but I have to say you cannot tell these from the 'real thing'.)

Email catch-up over the next day or so...


Ah, the Christmas season... Pay attention when you're at work and the spouse has the kid call up and say, "Hey, can you Google something real quickly for Mom to see if she should try another store?" ...and you're working and not thinking and just type in their request for "Blow-up Nativity Scene". Yeah, every wingnut site on the net. "Inflatable" works much better.

...except for the one where Joseph is dressed in red and white to look like Santa.


Thanks for the nice comments on that piece in "Views". Sometimes they take a while to do, and sometimes they just flow. I have several in the queue, mostly waiting for a little time to work on them.

I think "Easter at Christmas" is next up...


Let it be known that not only did I watch TV for a time last night, but that I actually sucked Daniel into a Great Performances on the local PBS affiliate: the 2006 MusicCares award and tribute to James Taylor.

Yes, the late evening started out with the usual cross-generational sarcasm and such, but I noticed the razzberries were in time with the music (Taylor's songs as perfomed but a Who's Who backed by Taylor's band). ...and by the time the show was winding down, Daniel was just listening and enjoying (well, everything but my flashback singalongs <g>).

...and the music and relaxation was a good thing.


...and the week grinds to a close. Homework we have, but not for an evening, or maybe a day. Projects we have, for more than an evening and a day; but we'll slog though them. I can't see this routine as having as intense an effect as last your...

Last year was one of those with the shorter time frames between Thanksgiving and Christmas; no soooner was the one declared 'done' than the next was declared 'impending'. This round gives us nearly an extra full week to call 'time out' and take a chance to relax. ...and just one day of planning, that's all ask. One quiet hour for Shelley and me to go over what we've done so far and what we need to do.

Dreams can be good things <g>, -no?


A bit of a sleep in day, but only a bit; it turned into a 'work on the neighbor's yard' morning and the December cemetery visit (with accompaniant) afternoon.

Evening took care of itself...


Homework and kid pics for Christmas and this and that and...

...but some browned up breakfast sausage and some linguini and some cream of mushroom soup with roasted garlic and some cheese and a little time spent in the Weber with some wood chips amongst the briquettes yielded an acceptable lunch:

Catch you Monday...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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