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...two weeks left for the boys until Christmas Vacation. It seems like forever. ...and endless. ...and I'm sure it's that way for them too <g>!

...but needs must, so we handle the homework and other duties first and fill in around the edges with the things we'd like to do.

Yep, it could be short shrift here this week...


It's been cold (cold enought to worry the citrus growers last week), but it's warmed back up and they're even talking rain by the weekend. I'm hoping it will hold off or back off a bit on Saturday morning: I had grand plan evolve from staring at some spare parts, and I want to see if I can add rain gutter to two sides of the gazebo (uphill and upwind). That would let us "be out in it" a bit more as the patio would be dry and not having to handle the runoff from either the roof or the gazebo.

It's worth a try a least!


...and sometimes you come home to find the family out shoe shopping and the 'big chair' and a comforter and a cat is all you need to clock out for an hour or two.

...and if they come back home and then leave again? "...rinse, repeat" seemed to work okay.

Some days goal setting is over rated...


This week's photos? Yep, all from the same place: Fresno Memorial Gardens. Last Saturday was our Winter visit to Shelley's mom's grave. We took along a family friend to save her a separate trip to several of her family's sites there. She mentioned the 'flatness' of the place and how she missed the older cemeteries; some day I'll have to take her on a tour of one of the more interesting ones...

The boys fed the squirrels and helped out searching for our friend's sites; Brad did literally end up "up a tree", but he had a nice coterie of 'diners' below him until he ran out of peanuts. Daniel wandered further afield looking for ones that would come up to him; those made for better subjects for my photography.

...and somewhere along the line Brad borrowed my camera while I was busy with flowers and such; I'll have to work on his site over the holidays and show you what he saw through the lens.

For now? Let's get on to Friday...


It appears Winter may be upon us. Well, kinda', sorta': there are three bands of storms coming across the state over the weekend evenings and something is supposed to happen with at least one of them... All Friday's did was kick thirty MPH winds into the valley and warm us up to the mid-seventies...

Saturday is supposed to be colder and wetter. We'll see. ...and we'll either get outside work done or some inside stuff handled.

Shelley will be shopping...


Rain gutters are up around the gazebo so we can maybe keep our feet dry this winter... It's been a busy day all in all. Brad and I are off to the Philharmonic.



Well, I did the post for Saturday, but never pushed it up to the server... Darn, but hey, that's how the day went, busy, busy, busy... The rain gutters worked out okay; I still have to seal the ones on the house eaves, but the combo on the house and gazebo look to keep us fairly dry when we're outside this Spring. ...and that could be important as it looks like we may have another El Niño year coming up.

...and the Philharmonic? Just wonderful! Choral groups from both the JC and State University backed up the orchestra, and both of their directors did top notch work. ...and Carol Channing showed up to do a couple of Christmas numbers, Hello Dolly(!!!) and share her brand of humor with the audience. Brad and I both had a grand time.

...and we met the clarinetist we've corresponded with!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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