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A post? Nah, not yet...


Okay, I'll start playing catch-up here. Let's see... Christmas was cool and probably the lowest key one we've had in years. New Years was also relaxed for the gang here. Lot's of projects were worked on, some planned and some unplanned; but we haven't had any of the show stoppers like last year (water heater/dishwasher/flooring). The weather has been mild by our standards (which would be balmy by East Coast readings). All and all, it's been okay.

I'm way the heck behind on email and reading and comments, but that will have to wait another day: Wednesday is 'back to work' for me for at least two days; Friday may be a day off since the kids are still on vacation and we still have things to do together.

More as the week progresses...


No post.




Back to the abnormal of life. I took today off to get caught up on unfinished work from the long weekend and ended up working on everything but the things from last weekend <g>. ...but I did get a fair amount of things done, so we'll call it a draw.

More Saturday, either to do or to blog about...


Today was a 'slow down day', and an involuntary one. Whatever has been hanging around as a cold or sinus problem kicked in last night and pretty much knocked me down. The good new was that there was football to watch or to sleep through. ...and more tomorrow!

I will have photos up though! I spent a recent morning hiking the periphery of one of my favorite cemeteries with the longer lens attached the camera; that changes my perspective on the shots and the shoot. ...and the contrast of the clouds and the sun after the rain made for some very high contrast shots. ...and some low saturation shots. ...and some just decent shots. I may spend the week there on the photoblog this next week. ...and I may even put a separate piece together for Views. ...or even for the non-launched "Places in Stone"?

Time, folks, just time...


My 'bonus' on that trip to Academy Cemetery was to see several egrets land in a nearby field on my way in. ...and just after I was set up and wandering, a shadow across the path in front of me caused me to look up and discover they were taking off overhead on their way wherever. This first shot is right at the edge of the light, clouds and camera...

...and yes, I'm 'down' with something and working hard at not being 'down' with it. As long as I don't get to physical I seem to be doing okay...

Have a good Monday, everyone.

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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