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"Don't Blog the Cat!" Yeah, yeah, but it's a photoblog. ..and that's nothing compared to some of the trivia/drivel I put up there and here <g>...

Monday, Monday... Rain is due in again, and this time they're talking like it's for real (the last storm was nice in a Spring sort of way, but we need some more snow up in the higher elevations). That's cool; I have plenty of inside work to get accomplished at the job.

Have a good week!


The rains came in late, but with a vengence! Woot! There was some real energy in the storm that started in on us around 1830 yesterday evening. Fortunately I was inside attending a class at church as the worst of it blew threw.

...and came home to the ever-present algebra and geometry homework. Hey, Daniel's getting parts of his that had been a problem. That's cool. ...and Brad's hanging on in spite of volleyball and band.

Me, I'm just hanging...


The storm that was supposed to blow through Monday was still hanging around Tuesday morning, but it seemed to be clearing up by noon. There sure were some winds though. ...and then when I was talking to Shelley in the late afternoon and mentioning I might blade when I got home the Field Sup who was delivering something my way said, "Hey, Dan, I don't think so; it's looking like something from The Wizard of Oz out there." ...and Shelley chimed in with, "He's not kidding!"

Hmmm... Not good at all for blading! I mean, unless I just took the downwind leg and had Shelley come pick me up a few miles south<g>? Nah, they were correct: when I headed for home it was to watch 35mph+ winds blowing big rigs out of their lanes on the freeway and listening to reports of trees torn up at the local zoo.

It more or less never calmed down. The shot over on the photoblog is looking west early in the evening. It sounds like there will be plenty of cleaning to do up and down the valley (Sacramento to Bakersfield) over the next few days.

...and some serious assessment by the fruit and nut farmers!


Let's see... Brad's healthy again (he missed a couple of days) and is caught up enough to do okay on his tests. Daniel has his history paper for English completed (don't ask) and said he though he did okay on his Geometry test. Shelley and the boys are off next week for Easter vacation (call me a 'traditionalist'); and I'm just ready for a couple of quiet weekend days.

Dreaming? Sure...


Work and yards and off to bed...

Oh, yeah...


More or less a day off here. We did some minor work (and bought a new washer), but all in all we've been low key...

More later...


Ah, the joys of Central CaliLand: we took the boys up skiing today and toasted ourselves in the sunshine while they worked off some energy at the 9000 foot level. They didn't last all day, but long enough to thoroughly wear themselves out. The punchline was that after ninety minutes and 9000 feet, the pool was warm enough to go swimming in if they'd had any energy left.

I'm thinking Spring is here...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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