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This weekend was also interesting in that Shelley and Brad headed off to the coast while Daniel and I stayed home. Shelley wanted to try the concept of being able to take one of the kids over for a weekend trip since her parents were able to do that when she was in high school. Daniel opted out and I got to ride herd on him. ...not that much maintenance was necessary: I stocked up Friday night on the four basic high school food groups (cheese, meat, dough and sauce) in the take out format and watched for the next twenty-four hours as the stock steadily dwindled.

Brad had a good report for his time: he was able to skim board some; and he found his laptop had some connectivity with one site. He ended up playing in the same online game with Daniel for a time. I suspect neither one of them even realized they were 150 miles apart rather than the usual 15 feet for at least a part of the game.

...and it sounded like it worked okay for Shelley too.


Nope, I got nothin'...

Busy with math and such...


Okay, but it's all way too geeky for the non-geeks. ...just an Intel DuoCore box running Ubuntu 7.04 with the 64 bit distro (! yes, it works fine) and with Windows XP (32 bit) running under VM Server under Linux and with both OSes able to get onto the domain and play nice with the toys there...

More on that setup in about a week...


Kid stuff and household stuff and personal stuff...

...and just stuff.


...and then there are times you just work with photo after photo and work your way around to the art concept more than the photo realism concept and call it good for the night.

Happy Friday...


Photo questions? Yes, I'll answer them at any level I can and as soon as I can; after all this is the tech side of the show over here. The "mosaic" mouseover from Tuesday has its share of questions. The basic shot is of a dragonfly that had been circling the pool area for a time. He landed on one on the arched walkway lamps on one edge of the pool.

As to the 'mosaic' front shot: if you look closely at the full shot you'll see that his wings actually generate a shadow onto the tubing of the lamp. The green color in the lower left is the leaf and the color tone change on the mosaic is from the denser color in that portion his left hind wing as the sun draws it on the tubing for the lamp. ...just an enlargment from the same photo.

Sometimes you work for these. ...and then so do your readers <g>!


Oh, man, yard work and more yard work and I'm more than done in.

I'll catch you next week!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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