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Well, I can at least get up out of a chair in under two minutes this evening! That's a vast improvement over this morning. Daniel and I put it enough time gardening and just 'moving dirt' to make life all sorts of interesting on the day we return to the normal routine.

The project we're working on will be a summer-long move of one garden and the building of a breezeway of sorts in the front of the house. That will be connected to the back patio by paver blocks, and there's a whole lot of details to be worked out.

...but first we have to move this gigantic agapanthus!


Homework and home work and kids' stuff and work stuff and family stuff and techno-geek stuff by the boatload...

A report shortly...


Moments in history for parents: Daniel leaving on his first driving lesson:

Leaving for the first time...

After his initial two hours with the accredited instructor, and after a late dinner, I had him drive me about for a while. ...not bad at all for someone with only two hours under his belt. We'll be doing plenty more this weekend. long as the meds hold out <g>!


No post

Homework and such...


Friday. ...and a three-day weekend. A bit overdue to my view

I predict the work Daniel and I are going to knock out will be a bit overmuch also.

Fortunately, there are red meat and flame available...


Whew. When I plan things, sometimes the weather forecast throws me a curve: it was supposed to be 'cooler' this weekend, but it hit 98 today. That limited some of the work I could do, but opened up others. ...and frankly slowed me down, which I think I needed.

Maybe I'll scale back tomorrow just a bit...


Ummm... No. Well, we scaled down, but only slightly. ...and we had our tails thoroughly kicked by moving just three plants.

I figured the agapanthus wouldn't be all that easy a move, and I'd even planned on splitting them. ...but with Daniel's help I realized we could move intact plants by undercutting the root system and sliding them on boards. Two broken two-by-fours later we had the second one uprooted and one into position. We called a break until the sun went down a bit (and to rest our aching legs, backs, arms, hair, etc.) and hit the last one (the largest) as evening arrived. Another hour later we had all three plants in place and were done in for another day.

...and now comes the fun part: digging up soon to be unused sprinkler lines, locating older, capped lines for reactivation, figuring out drainage, adding electrical and generally prepping for constructing a breezeway/pergola/whatever to shade the western exposure of the living room. ...and plants and flagstone and a drip system and misters and and and.

Yeah, let's call this weekend "Prelude to Summer"!

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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