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It's a local holiday of sorts here: the kids are back in school. That's good news for some (mothers free during the day to actually catch a breath), but not for others (homework is here once again, although it never really left our place this Summer).

Sunday was spent trying to be low key and getting ready for school; Shelley's back to her teaching job also. ...and Daniel has already asked me when Labor day is <g>.

Me, it's back to early mornings...


Well? Yes, they all survived! ...but Brad had two homework assignments and both boys have lists of supplies that need to be filled. ...and even Shelley had some homework; she was grading first-day math tests.

"Salesman, get a clue": I love this guy for his intensity, but he seems a bit new to this Net thing. The first email I received from him had no subject. Okay, that made it through the spam filter, but I nearly nuked it before the name clued me in. ...but the follow-up email on the change to the specs on the item we are using had a subject line of "Product Enhancement"! I gotta' say, I'd already deleted it before the email address registered in my brain.

Kids these days...


Today's piece over on the blog? It's a longish story and I'll have more to say as September passes by, but the short version is that we lost a very respected member of the Making Light community last year. ...and today is the birthday of his lady, the lovely Elise. I wanted her to have something to remember him by and yet provide something uplifting for the future. I think it worked okay...

Photo notes: the usual sunset lighting and shadowplay taken to almost a HDR (High Dynamic Range) piece in Lightroom and Elements. The softer version was the result of applying the Dreamy Focus filters from Dream Suites. The poem wrote itself, as they usually do.

Happy Mid-week!


I think I've acclimated to being back home and away from the beach. The light temperatures last week allowed me to work back into the 90s pretty easily. Last night I waited until it dropped under the 101 or so we reached before going out blading. ...and I managed to work an extra couple of blocks in as cool down; so yeah, I think that's working. I did take Tuesday off as I had a Cortisone injection into my left knee to try to deal with some problems there. It helped enough to allow me some more range of motion and to press things a little. Yes, I'll be cautious...

...and looking to the weekend to get some more outside work done!


...and the knee is feeling better; now to see if the Cortisone will help get me over the injury hump or if I'll need further therapy. There's another injection series out there that is supposed to be able to help replace the synovial fluid in the joints. It sounds like it's at least worth a shot (literally and figuratively).

It's been a longish couple of days; I'm off to dreamland...


Yard work and the day after not enough sleep...

Yeah, like that. Cool sunrise though <g>...


Much happened, at least yard and patio stuff...

More on Monday...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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