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Oh, man, I got all sorts of caught up in downloading some plugins for PhotoShop Elements and totally lost track of time... It started innocently enough: all I wanted to do was enhance the spinaker look of the spider web on the stem a bit to push the metaphor. ...but then I got to wondering if AutoFx had any other freebies besides Dreamy, and that led to one of those 'down the Internet garden path' times. ...with stops to pick the flowers along the way <g>.

Oh, yes, lots of freebies; reports as time presents itself...


How about this one? Say you and some buds had a garage band back in the sixties (skinny ties and all) and cut one 45. ...and when you're dinking around on Google you find out the B side of that 45 is a cult classic! Local news from a bit down the road...

I think Mike did one heck of a job on the story. ...and I wish you could see the old playbills showing on the side of the print edition of the paper; bands like Chuck Berry, The Isley Brothers, The Coasters and The Drifters were playing with these guys at the local Vet's hall.

Funny how some of this stuff works out...


Photo notes? Okay, one or two... "Corridor"? Taken with the small camera; it's the underside of the counter at the Doc's office where I was getting that series of shots for my knee. The cloud shot last week was also take with the X1 (stopped down a bit); we had some bits and pieces of storms passing through and that was a bit much to pass up.

...and welcome to those visiting from Larry's place! For my readers, if you're looking for some darned decent pieces from someone working in the mental health trenches, head on over there for some thought provoking posts.

Is it mid-week already?


Hmmm... Raiders of the Lost Ark here in Central CaliLand? Apparently so... It looks like Chandler Field, a 'municipal' airport locally, is portraying Mexico City's airport in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Cool beans. It will be interesting to see how it looks in the big screen...

...and 'looking'? in 'glass'? Here's your clue on "Port View": you're looking into a mirror. I left just a bit of the frame and beveled the image itself to help orient you. So, are you looking through a space station port in the next Star Trek movie? ...or are you perhaps just seeing the ceiling at a restaurant?

Inquiring minds and all that...


The Sea Ghost? ...just some light fun (pun unintentional, but hey...) and a chance to play with the stuff I really don't know how to do yet. Two sessions in Lightroom and two in Elements (no work in LightZone) and your basic Halloween decoration on a shelf at Target becomes something a little different. ...and yes, with the small camera, so that started as a jpeg under questionable lighting conditions. ...but that's what it's all about.

...and the rain has finally arrived!


No, not much rain, but the storm that was supposed to just blow through on Friday evening first sped up (and showed up around noon), and then slowed down and stayed for the day. We didn't get all that much overall (digging in the front yard today showed only about an inch of penetration), but it sure cleared the air and cooled things off a bit. Today was nicely cool outside.

...and a bit of a follow-up to Thursday's bit on Indiana Jones: the watchers were out in force the other day when the filming was going on. It turns out the company also did some filming at Eagle Field out Firebaugh way! I'll have to see the film just to see how well they morphed the current landmarks into '50s era locales...

...and it's been one of those strange days here.


Strange? How so? How about a call in the evening from a friend of Brad's wanting to know if 0530 was an okay pickup time for the golf tournament they were marshalling at today? Yeah, like that. Us too. Brad was over at another friend's house; so I drove over there to fetch him home while Shelley talked with his golf buddy about what on earth was going on.

Yeah, it turns out members of the golf team signed up to help out at the SaveMart Shootout, a local Pro-Am event (more linkage on the Sports page of the paper's site). T-time is 0730 and the course is about 45 minutes away; so yeah, 0530 is about right.

...but it would have been a nice thing to know about!

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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