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Golf Boy scored big at the tournament: he hooked up with a five-some that included Marcus Allen! Yeah, he came home tired and sunburned and with a blister from holding the score sign all day; but he also had one of the best times on the course ever, listening to the players talk and joke and have a good time with each other and the staff. Brad even brought Daniel and me each a Gatorade cap autographed by Mr. Allen!

Mine's going in a shadow box...


No post: under the weather; under the earth...


The adventure continues... I've been off ill for the last two days; and today, after finally being able to sleep, I got up very late and checked in with Shelley. I figured she was shopping, but she said she was on her way home with Brad from school (lunch time +/-). I asked he he was getting what I had, and she said this was a homework problem. Okay...

It turns out his backpack had a wardrobe malfunction, and his waterbottle spilled onto his English project. ...the English project he'd knocked out over the weekend so he wouldn't have to worry about it with a golf game on Tuesday. Man, there is no justice some days: Brad was printing out his pages with Shelley cutting them up and me putting photo splits on the backs so he could paste them up into the booklet that made it a project. ...and then back to school in time for class. least it wasn't, "The dog ate my homework!"


Back to work today, at least in theory. I felt well enough yesterday afternoon to handle all of the email that I could from home; that gives me a better way to prioritorize things before I get back in. ...and since there's shopping that must be done, having a handle on the email helps.

Hmmm... While I won't be trying this place any time this week, I do have readers locally and others who travel through Fresno on business: how about Ethiopian Cuisine for a change of pace? I'm figuring Brad will enjoy it, if only for the custom of eating with your hands. ...but both vegan and meat dishes in one place? ...and bread that takes three days to cook. Yeah, it'll be a stopoff one of these days.



Remember, all OS upgrades should be started as close to the midnight hour as possible...

Seriously, sleep is for the weak. ...or is that "week"?

Ubuntu 7.10 is available


Well, heck. I started the process (inline, online, "on top of" upgrade from 7.04 to 7.1; yes, I know, but this is the bleeding edge boxen, and where's the fun if you don't, -eh?) and let it run overnight. Lessee... This morning it wanted to confirm I wanted to keep my custom CUPs config file (Heck, yes! There's enough blood spilled there already) and one or two others (hey, if you don't recognize it, let the system handle it), but that was pretty much it...

After the reboot, things came up and programs ran and Firefox still has a huge memory leak (yep, banned again/still) and, and, and, ... well ...I'm still looking for things that aren't working! ...only I'm not finding any.

I'll keep looking...


One of those days you use to recharge... Nothing of note. Heck, I didn't even watch a football game...

I did watch the Red Sox game though... The championship games often show up the Series; the ALCS this year proved to be very worth the time to tune in...

...and with that, I'll drop out for the day.

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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