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Daily doings in the land of The Time Sink
Is it music day?

First Tony starts my day off with a review of the MTV awards that makes be thankful that I don't watch TV all that much...

...then Kitty's question.

Then Al serves up another memory from that era...

'Course, these are the same people who made me think so hard earlier:

...I need a nap, I need to get to work, and I need a piece of dumb luck somewhere. That's not much. I can get that all for myself, and doing so will make it so I can take a couple of deep breaths. Once I can breathe again, I can feel again.

...and I start thinking about how much I didn't do, but don't really know that I would do anything different even if we started it all over again.

And now you know what kind of nightmares I have...

I think I'm glad we all made it to the weekend...

I'm not sure who said it or where I saw it, but someone recently had a bit about how September is one heck of a month. I'll have to second that. I'm hoping The Optimist and I and the rest of the clan can catch a bit of a break the next few days...

9/7/2001 7:17:31 PM

Sorry I took so long to reply, Kitty...

...but I ended up staying at work a little later than usual.

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

...and that freak comment? I don't ever recall mentioning how long my hair was way back when<g>.

9/7/2001 6:23:39 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 9/7/2001 6:17:05 PM

The Forest without Trees

The story linked in the headline is from Mike over on blackholebrain. Take a moment to read it...

---   ----    -----     ------
K'; time's up. Welcome back.
---   ----    -----     ------

Yeah... Two distinct parts of that story speak to me. ...and the first part is called follow through. Donations with no follow through. Wow, almost like a government giveaway: "Here, have all this stuff! Support? Gee, we don't do that; you'll have to handle that on the local level..."

It doesn't do any good to donate and setup labs if it's only going to lead to the frustration of the line staff and the end users when the labs are shuttered for the lack of a trained staff to administer them. The school districts, the churches, and the inner-city rebuilders also need the resources to follow through with the gifts. How's about throwing some cash or people on the line? least to train the trainers.

...and what about The Television and the Remote? Not every household has a sysadmin on site (Daynotes households excepted). Shelley has her magic box. do the boys. But the neighbors don't. Neither do the grandparents. They'd like that media box. ...and they'd probably subscribe to it.

So would Aunt Minnie: the media guy comes in, sets up her appliance, and the bill gets taken care of every month though automatic deduction. ...probably a steadily ramped-up deduction as "features" are added.

I know; I sound as cynical as... Well, let's just say I'm no fan fan of .Net either.

...and there will be renegades. Yep, count me out. ...out of .Net and out of the warm embrace of the collective.

...and man, I've just got to get off this cynical kick.

9/6/2001 9:52:48 PM

Happy Birthday, Al

Nice of you to try to catch up!

9/6/2001 7:30:44 PM

One way to jam a switchboard..

My pager went off with a company "all-call" a little while ago; it seems we had three pairs of tickets available for tonight's Jo Dee Messina concert ...

So sad: it's Back to School Night...

9/6/01 3:19:37 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 9/6/01 3:15:09 PM

A full stomach and an
empty brain

For an unexplained reason (unexplained on this site at least), Shelley decided tonight would be a good night to eat out. Okay, so off to a local eatery, one we hadn't tried before...

Ya' see, every time we turn down the old 'main street' of the town we live in, we've seen this older house that was turned into a Mexican restaurant many, many years ago. ...and we always say, "We'll have to try that sometime..."; and of course never do. So, tonight we did...

Wow. Grandma's doing the cookin' and the grandkids are doing the serving. ...and I don't think the chips were fired in lard; tallow seems more like it! ...and shredded beef in my enchilada rather than hamburger. Man, I'd better take two of my Lipitor tonight!

Daniel gave up after one taco; Bradley didn't finish his burrito...

On the other hand, Shelley managed her tostada and I finished off my enchilada and a quesadilla (with the help of a little Tecate).

Hmmm... maybe it still holds true:

You can tell a trained emergency services worker by their ability to clear a plate<g>.

9/4/2001 10:00:21 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 9/4/2001 9:31:20 PM


Dave went shopping the other day. I'm not sure he bought the album or not, but I couldn't resist a comment.

...or a shot of the shirt I picked up this week:

Links to larger image

Just the thing for the next potluck...

9/3/2001 1:18:30 AM

Oh, yeah, the reason the dishes are late...

We spent the evening watching the local team take on the Oregon State Beavers and win rather convincingly.

Sweet... Unranked against SI's pick to take it all and AP's number twelve.

Very sweet.

9/3/2001 12:15:19 AM

I figured I might as well flip the page...

I have to wait for the dishwasher to cycle anyway...

9/3/2001 12:00:40 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 9/2/2001 11:59:36 PM


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