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Daily doings in the land of The Time Sink
As as I close out the week....

Just a note to say "Thanks" to those of you who took the time to email back and forth with me today. Yesterday's events had me a little distracted at work; the mail exchanges helped distract me from the distraction.

...and that was way cool.

...and yes, that means you, too<g>!

Fri Nov 30 22:50:01 2001

Any thoughts on that?
Friday Nov 30 22:48:40 2001

Where did you end up?

Heh. For anyone who wondered in here by following the breadcrumb trail from someone's comments...

Yeah, welcome to another Zeelister site<g>!

...and I found an echo of my comment about growth after following yet another link in one of Jeff's postings... Yep, it's a big wide web out there and the information exchange is just waiting for us to come out and play.

Thu Nov 29 23:11:49 2001

Hang on a few...

There's a full scale rant or redux working up enough pressure to blast through the blockage...

11/29/2001 8:14:36 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 11/29/2001 8:12:53 PM

Cognitive Dissonance...

When I woke up to the grayness this morning, my first thought was, "Oh, good, fog; now the car won't be frozen over..."

Oh, yeah... Driving to work in the fog: not so good. ...and the car was still frozen.

...and as I came into the downtown area, the vagaries of the fog and the buildings made the blast of the locomotive horn seem to come from my left instead of my right (where the tracks should be). There was this brief moment where I considered jumping out of my skin...

...and no, the sixties have nothing to do with any of this.

A few thoughts on lists, comments and such:

As Dr. Pournelle has mentioned on more than one occasion (and not necessarily original to him): "the Net perceives censorship as damage and routes around it." Witness DeCSS...

...and censorship in a web community is especially counter-productive: we learn by expanding our horizons, not by limiting them. A community that closes its doors to outside input becomes insular. ...and that leads to in-breeding rather than growth.

<Sigh>... That's too heavy for here... Time to go spelunking in the community; I'm ready for the lighter side of life today...

11/27/01 8:53:46 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 11/27/01 8:16:14 AM

Oh, man...

The story behind the story starts with Eric's post from Monday, "The legend of the "A-List""... If you are familiar with any of the principals, you'll laugh your tail off; if not, have a read anyway: a grand saga was born that day.

The zaniness continues with the "Z-lister" breakout on Eric's, Mike's, and Tina's sites.

...and I just had to have a piece of this action.

Tue Nov 27 00:06:53 2001

Reason 2.2.1 to dislike Mondays...

Double flippin' clickin' does NOTHING to paste the last highlighted block into anything...

There's only one desktop...

It takes a flippin' COLON instead of a comma to separate email addresses...
(since fixed; thanks -b.)

...and on and on and on.

Man, I hate Mondays in the Windows world...

K', if you aren't used to KDE, none of this made sense...

Like that's something new here...

11/26/01 2:44:16 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 11/26/01 2:33:26 PM

Okay, define crazy...

Well, Tracy probably has the handle on that; but I think Al and I can fill in if she's ever indisposed..

...and David is by definition, as are one or two of the other loons floating around in the pond.

Then there's Hoopty... Yeah, I know. Kinda' like Eric: just ignore him and maybe things will quiet down. Not.

...but did you ever notice his URI? ...and make the connection? Yeah, while Mike and his pals were defining the hardcore punk scene locally in the 80's, my pals and I were keepin' them alive when they'd party too hard.

Now that's crazy...

Sat Nov 24 23:44:00 2001

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday Nov 24 23:43:31 2001


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