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Daily doings in the land of The Time Sink
Nothing since Tuesday?

What was I thinking?

Well, I have been busy at work. ...and barely managed to scrape together posts on the main site. Hang on; there should be lots of stuff this weekend...

Sat Dec 8 00:44:30 2001

Any thoughts on that?
Friday Dec 8 00:35:20 2001


It started around 1030 when the IT chief wandered in asked WT??? I was up to. Huh, as I flipped over to my email and then to the off-site spam and virus filter service we use. Yep, a slew of stuff from the teaching gig... So I called the lead administrative assistant out there and confirmed she knew they'd opened up another virus.

I have internal email from the second job forwarded to my main account so I can keep up with things since I'm so part time this semester. I could actually watch the progression of the virus by reading the headers from the forwards. First Robb opened it; then Marilyn; then...

...and if history repeats itself, I'll see another spate of them tomorrow or the next day; the last time this happened, IT came out from the main campus and cleaned up all the machines. they were configured. ...and missed the server and the fact that some of us share machines and log in only one day per week. So when Stephanie gets in on Thursday and sees that Robb has sent her this really neat screen saver...

Symanec's removal tool is here.

Yeah, this type of thing is normally posted over on the main site, but this one is virulent enough to warrant sharing the information here also.

...and if I have a screen saver for you, I'll post it and link it.


Tue Dec 4 23:35:14 2001

One for the Christmas crowd...

Hey there, Christmas goodie lovers, how's about a page of homemade Christmas ornaments? Here ya' go!

Marcia is married to a Grinch, so she has to have enough spirit for the both of them...

Now, get out there and get decorating!

...and for the guys, just add some more rum to that eggnog.

12/4/01 9:26:59 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 12/4/01 9:16:16 AM

The Sports Desk

They tell me it's a bad sign when your football team out scores your basketball team... "They" may have to make an exception after yesterday:

Roundball: Fresno State 68, Air Force 52

Football: Fresno State 70, Utah State 21
...with the reserves in a few minutes into the third quarter.

With a bowl game to go (Michigan State?), the coach can probably say his rebuilding program is on schedule: From a standing stop in '97, this year he'll graduate fifteen seniors who include a 4000 yard passer, two 1000 yard receivers, and a 1000 yard running back.

Nice job, guys...

Sun Dec 2 16:56:06 2001

What a welcome!

Thanks Tina; I was expecting a link in the sidebar, not the high voltage greeting you gave me!

'Course, the down side of that is that every freako with a pair of Santa pants will come by and try to... Oh. That's right... Never mind: Hoopty's already been here...

Okay, then; back to Plan A: "Thanks Tina; that was a wonderful write up <g>!"

Sun Dec 2 16:24:02 2001

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday Dec 2 15:52:06 2001

Kitty's doing the music thing again...

Darn her anyway... Everytime she goes retro, my mind goes along for the ride.

Okay then, how's about Jack Bruce and Theme for an Imaginary Western? Way cool with a color organ using floodlights against a wall <g>. As I recall...

Gotta' agree on the Moody Blues...

Sat Dec 1 22:43:48 2001

Hey, thanks garret...

..and here's how to deal with those shopkeepers and the Mannheim Steamroller CDs:

Everytime you hear the first cut from the new CD (Hallelujah/Christmas Extraordinaire), just listen for the musical phrases that match the Klingon Battle Theme from the Star Trek movies! That will change your mood quickly enough.

Just a tip from my house ( least Daniel and me) to yours <g>...

Sat Dec 1 22:02:21 2001

Think about it...

I get bothered by death... I was chatting with a very dear friend yesterday and mentioned that with all the death I've seen and been involved with, you'd think it wouldn't bother me. It still does. ...especially needless death.

...and that's part of the story here, needless death. I think I'll leave the education and information links to Al's good graces and just point you to my ETP page from last year.

Yeah, there's a story there. ...and stories behind the story of one individual. If your day is moving slow, there's a good hour or so of Time Sink there if you dig deep enough...

Sat Dec 01 00:01:01 2001

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday Dec 01 00:01:01 2001


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