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Daily doings in the land of The Time Sink
ZeeLister newz...
Hey, Hoopty!!!

We found your Christmas duds locally:

We saw this music director the other night at Bradley's gig and Shelley asked me rhetorically if I knew anyone who'd really wear those...

When we go back for Daniel's show this evening, you want we should roll him and send them your way?

Thu Dec 20 17:49:58 2001

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday Dec 20 17:45:08 2001

Be the first one on your block...

Heck, I'm the first one in the State!

Link shows a closeup of the shirt

Man, I may just have to wander into one of the local micro-breweries to show this off...

Thanks, Cecil!

Wed 12/19/01 22:58:00

Wednesday Dec 19 22:28:29 2001

Easy ways to start your day...

Good natured ribbing from a friend...

Awesome sunrise pics...

Another story by a master historian...

Yeah, that helps...

Sun Dec 16 14:54:13 2001

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday Dec 16 14:17:22 2001

Aw, come on...

Bloggin a cold?

Man, who'd stoop to that <g>?

Get better, pal. ...although I have to say your relievers are batting 1.000!

Sat Dec 15 23:40:50 2001

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday Dec 15 23:13:49 2001


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