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Daily doings in the land of The Time Sink

Hey, it appears Jon was right:

The lad does get around...

The little dude and Tux are getting along just fine!

...and his teleporter/time machine seems to be working very well also.
2/8/2002 7:03:15 PM


Hey gang, meet Flat Stanley! Yep, he dropped by Patti's house for a week or so of adventures. ...and he's already become a shadow of himself. Funny, I never thought of him as a 'negative' person...<g> Hmmm... I wonder if he'd like to check out some California sunshine?

Hey Grandpa! Here's a trick you can use (perhaps even with progressive bifocals): Don't go with the default settings about where to place the "line". Fr'nstance, my 'working' pair have the break almost up to the halfway point; I can talk to people and refer to written material with out doing the head-bobbing thing. ...and the pair I use for blading have the break way towards the bottom (just enough to see a wheel if I need to adjust a bolt); that allows for a much larger visual field (handy while using the roadways in this area).

Speaking of blading, Astone mentioned "roller-walking or roller-falling" in Patti's comments section last week. Honey, wrap your self up in all the protective gear you can, then fall down a time or two to see where you land. Once you figure that out (it will hopefully be the same area), take off the other stuff so you can get some free range motion with your arms and legs. Then, head on off to a sporting goods store and get some ABEC five rated bearings (and maybe some high-end wheels) to change out the stock stuff. You'll notice a difference: there is stability in speed. Drop me a line if you'd like to exchange information.

...and if you've ever wondered about "GenX and What Is this World Coming To?", just do what I do: drop by Dave's place and see what life's like in that lane. Oh, and if that type of thing interests you, here's the start of that series.

2/8/02 2:06:24 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 2/8/02 12:52:15 PM

Broken Angel...
2/7/2002 11:45:44 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 2/7/2002 11:38:18 PM


In other words, unless you put yourself and your work out there, it doesn't mean very much.

David Carter-Tod, responding to Driven

2/5/2002 11:30:21 PM

Downtown at five...
2/5/2002 10:52:08 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 2/5/2002 10:42:04 PM


Yeah, that last bit with the fog pics was stuck inside my head for a little too long. ...and was digging its way out with what at times seemed like jackhammers.

...and I've never been sure why some posts just nag me and drive me until I get them out. ...and then Eric over at Unxmaal gave me a clue:

In answer to the question "why blog," my answer is "so that I can complete my thoughts."

Whoosh... That was the sound of the air leaving my lungs from that punch in the gut. It seems he was reading Matt's bit about Weblogging - Why (which, by the way, is one excellent piece in itself) and brain-linked to the concept that no thought can truly be considered complete until it has left the mind.

Okay, I can hang with that. ...and it helps explain why I spent time putting up some pictures that I simply could have left in the camera of my mind. But they wanted out, just as some of the stories want out. ...and why I'll post things that sure aren't at the level that I'd like them to be. That's okay; I'm learning the medium as I go. ...and that's Good Enough.

...and then I read Sheila's latest update on her mom and I have to think that therapist is using the correct key, one that most of us here use every day to free some of our locks.

2/3/2002 1:31:17 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 2/3/2002 1:25:08 AM

Sunny days... least the last few. But before that we had plenty of fog.

A small gallery for your perusal.

Yeah, I have to learn how to bevel those edges <g>...

2/3/2002 12:11:18 AM

Too much TV...

I was coordinating a dinner get together for this evening with the worship minister from the church...

Daniel answered the phone, and handed it over to me with the words, "It's some sheriff guy..."

Stan's from Texas...

2/2/2002 4:22:47 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 2/2/2002 4:16:41 PM


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