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Daily doings in the land of The Time Sink
I was going to tell you about my day...

But, in retrospect, it wasn't half bad...

...and she was worried about Thursday?

Fri Mar 1 18:46:14 2002

Any thoughts on that?
Friday Mar 1 18:30:57 2002

The workaday world...

I just figured out how cool it is when they send us over to take pictures of the new construction site. That's really goofing off with big ol' Tonka Trucks and a camera. ...on company time.

...also in the mix is coming back to find the big boss's wife came by and dropped off rum cake for us to enjoy!

...and I'm supposed to get things done around here today?

2/28/02 11:33:09 AM

Thursday Threesome...

Lynn came up with a new twist over at the Back Porch; take a look and come play!

Onesome: Where did you first hear of a blog? ...had to be Al over at View from the Heart. His was the first site I stumbled across outside the Daynotes circuit.

Twosome: The first weblog you read regularly? That one had to be Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor.

Threesome: What keeps you coming back to a blog? Deb said it best. ...but I also stay with sites that feed my hunger for information linkage, such as dangerousmeta.

2/28/02 10:14:26 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 2/28/02 8:49:31 AM

...cookies. And left-over Valentine Candy Hearts. And Triscuits.

...and my stomach routinely thinks my throat has been cut because of the recurrent 'half-sandwich thing' I do at work.

Sounds like the Mexitessin tonight for dinner, Deb!

(I hear 'processed cheese food' goes well with the Triscuits...)

2/27/02 1:09:10 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 2/27/02 1:00:40 PM

Ramming speed...

Thought you'd seen enough of the little red dot from the 7UP commercials? How about the Zoloft dot?

Cool... Then you're ready for Carey's latest over at Speakeasy:

Frank, The Depressive Dot

No, really; it's not just about the red pill or the blue pill, Neo...

Mixed messages...

"What program is that? It doesn't sound appropriate..."

Loud voice from the living room:
"Mommmm... It's Alvin and the Chipmunks..."

Not so loud voice as I walk into the living room:
" Frankenstein."

Why we'll never understand each other...

So I'm ordering underwear over the phone the other day (Jockey's place; not Vickie's) and the gal on the other end tells me all that's available is "black and a nice heather gray..."

...and for most of the people reading this, the guys are going, "What's with the heather thing?" and the girls are just nodding their heads. in, "of course, heather gray".

...and the other people are really, really wishing I had a comments section so they could ask about the style <g>.

2/26/02 5:24:42 PM

Just for Today...

Your choices:

  • Duck and cover
  • "Yes, Dear..."
  • ...or link! <g>

    2/26/02 4:49:44 PM

    Any thoughts on that?
    Tuesday 2/26/02 4:44:24 PM

    Snow Bunny...
    2/24/2002 10:37:00 PM

    Any thoughts on that?
    Sunday 2/24/2002 10:34:11 PM

    Impulse power...

    ...maintaining steerage with one oar.

    Event chronology:

    • 2330: Preparing to shut down search operations for the day when probe returns with news of yet another worm hole to traverse... A formation in Sheila's galaxy leads to exploratory mission to gather data on 'brushy system'...
    • 0005: Returned successfully from mission. Reviewing security protocols prior to system shutdown.
    • 0006: Junior Helmsman reports attack by giant killer tomatoes bearing Narushian attack pods. All systems on alert for one hour. Deflector shields holding. Number One able to maintain recharging status.
    • 0100: System secure. Recharge in progress. Reserves at 50%.
    • 0300: Hull breached. Venting to atmosphere. Second-assistant Helmsman reports deflector shields bypassed by attack worm possibly trigged by atmospheric disturbances on the adjacent planet. Number one recognizes the nature of attack first and attempts counter attack with music-based phaser array.
    • 0400: Attack repulsed. Number One attempting return to recharge mode (reserves exhausted).
    • 0430: Damage repaired. Phaser array taken off line. Reserves low. Attempting disconnect from meat-space interface.
    • 0530: Overwhelming evidence disconnect cannot be achieved at this time. Attempting to contact other systems for signs of intelligent life.
    • 0545: Communications failure. Alternative "LazerBoy" disconnect system enabled.
    • 0600: Simultaneous systems activation by both Junior Helmsman and Second assistant Helmsman. Computer activated for entertainment purposes by both. Defense impossible.
    • 0602: Reserves depleted. Docking at starbase for repairs. No hope left... Anticipated attack on enemy Science Fair Fleet scheduled for today in jeopardy.
    • 0700: Number One assumes command due to incapacity of Captain.
    • 1000: Attempting to realign dilithium crystals with universal north...
    • 1200: Impulse power at 100%. Reserves at 25%. Warp Drive still off-line. Chocolate/caffeine recharging system operational.
    • 1300: Attack commencing on SFF...
    Sat Feb 23 14:00:43 2002

    Any thoughts on that?
    Saturday Feb 23 13:49:11 2002


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