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Drive carefully, dear...

Oh, yeah. Like there's a chance I'd be one-tenth of one mile-per-hour over the speed limit. ...even checked the tail lights before I left.

It seems that I managed to forget my life at the office this afternoon when Shelley picked me up. That would be my fanny pack with my checkbook, credit cards, cell phone, spare keys, and driver's license. ...headed into a three-day weekend.

I'll spare you past discussions about driving somewhere sans license to pick up said license. Suffice to say this is California and the CHP really doesn't care what your excuse is...

So, "Yes, dear"; I drove vewwy cawfuwwey...

3/29/2002 10:22:19 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 3/29/2002 10:07:52 PM

Retro cuisine...

The other night, Daniel nearly starved to death when he couldn't get to the microwave...

Shelley was on the cordless phone chatting with a friend, someone she doesn't get to talk with more than every other month. ...and there's interference with the cordless frequency when the microwave is on. ...and here is this waif of a child, slowly wasting away, with his instant Ragu whatever pasta packets just sitting on the counter.

Well, I'd assisted Bradley with baking his impromptu pizza sandwich, just like Dad's in the toaster oven and thought perhaps I should keep the other kidlet from melting into the carpet. Let's see... "Add water; three minutes on high, then mix in the sauce". Hmmm... Nothing about an entire container of Parmesan cheese; that must be his innovation...

K'... One small sauce pan and I'm ready to rock. "Hey, Daniel, how does this look?"

"Gee, Dad, that looks just like the real thing from the microwave! How did you do that?"

"I'll show you some day, son; right now, just mix in your sauce and have a nice meal..."

Cooking pasta in boiling water, new frontiers in cookery...

3/28/2002 7:35:46 PM

Thursday Threesome...

Onesome. Bed. You spend a few hours a night there, so tell us about your bed - size, favorite sheets, comforter...oh, and do you make it or leave it unmade? Hmmm... California King with a magnet overlay (it seems to help with Shelley's MS). ...and with flannel sheets and a thick comforter during the winter, and 240 weave sheets and not much else during the summer. I throw the covers toward the head of the bed when I get up; Shelley makes it up after Mischief the cat finishes her morning nap.

Twosome. Bath. OK. How much time does it take you to get "ready" on the average day - from first step into the bathroom to stepping out fully dressed... Twenty minutes. ...unless there's something interesting going on (or I'm running late); then I can manage ten minutes flat (yes, with shampooed hair).

Threesome. Beyond. What is your favorite room / area of your home? Tell us all about it... Outside! That's why things don't get done inside: I'd rather be working outside. If I don't get it done during the winter, sometimes it waits until Fall. We have a nice patio/pool layout that makes it all too easy to hang around outside the 'artificial cave'.

How about yours?

3/28/02 7:53:08 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 3/28/02 7:44:14 AM

Buc Buc Bucaw...
Chicken for dinner once again
3/27/2002 5:56:02 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 3/27/2002 5:33:12 PM

Somehow, it just doesn't seem to do it justice...
3/26/2002 11:31:08 PM

Sad, but true...

The bad news: No, we won't take the time or the energy to open that first drawer and put those socks or underwear away. Yes, the fresh-from-the-laundry ones sitting on the top of the dresser, directly above that drawer...

The good news: We are so lazy (okay, sloth-like) that we will work on that pile before we open a drawer.

Now, if you time the laundry cycle to match...

3/26/2002 7:00:34 PM

So here I am...

...trying to make some sort of transition from Monday, Part II (The Day that wouldn't Die). ...and I'm making the rounds hoping for something, anything to allow the turbines to spin down.

...and I run across Sheila's latest revision.

...and it turns out we have Brandy to thank for it!

Maybe I'll just go home and tack an extra mile or two on with the blades...

3/26/02 3:39:28 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 3/26/02 3:29:06 PM

Something more...

What if the current task
you've been given in life
is not what you want?

Is it wrong that your heart aches and yearns
to do the one thing that you love most?
Is it selfish that,
while giving your best to the task at hand,
you still secretly are not satisfied in your heart
with how things are going in your life?

I can only wonder.
I give my heart weekly to a certain task.
And yet - and yet
inside secretly I wish for more.
Something more.

(Spoken)The task keeps me perpetually in second gear with the talent I use for it
and I constantly wish for an opportunity to break out of second gear and tear the roof off.

Is that vain selfishness?
Is it wrong
to want
something more?

I can only wonder.
I give my heart weekly to a certain task.
And yet - and yet
inside secretly I wish for more.
Something more.

Lyrics by Carey Henderson, Copyright 2002...

Used with many thanks.

3/24/2002 6:50:59 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 3/24/2002 6:19:03 PM

News Flash...

We are less than twenty-four hours into Easter Vacation and we have our first "I'm bored..."

...not that any of the parents out there are surprised by that.

3/23/2002 12:06:30 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 3/23/2002 11:54:58 AM

Copyright 2002, Daniel C. Bowman
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