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It's still doing it...

It looks like we're going to the movies...

Then, I'm going home and changing shoes.

Friday's are just soooo special...

11/1/02 3:41:16 PM

Spam I am...

So far:

The usual (no need and no need at all...)

Simpsons talking beer opener (had to peek at that one...)

Mortgage, Success, Printer Cartridges...

Hmmm... Truth in spamvertising? "Extra Income with very little effort"

"Megaplayful?" Honey, you have to be kidding!

Bah, nothing better?

<Delete All>

11/1/02 8:45:23 AM


I'm having one of those mornings when my right shoelace is refusing to stay tied. No, I don't know why...

Yes, the left one is behaving.

11/1/02 8:29:41 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 11/1/02 7:53:19 AM

Later that evening...

It was hard to get a shot of Daniel this evening... He and a classmate ended up running a booth from 1630 until 2000 pretty much non-stop. I did manage one side shot that shows off his blue/gray hair spikes:

A busy, busy kid this evening...

...and while Daniel was trying on his new role as a worker bee, well, "Pirate", Brad convinced Esther to see if she could duplicate the bulldog from his cap:

Yeah, I think so...

I'd say she did quite a job!

Thank goodness the gang has Friday off from school!

11/1/2002 12:18:09 AM

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: Goblins. Do you do Halloween? ...or is it all too much? More or less... The pumpkin patch is usually up in the front yard and we'll take the kids out in the immediate block (well, Shelley does; someone has to stay home and test the chocolate candy for spoilage <g>).

Twosome: Ghouls (and guys). What ghoulish dishes do you serve up at Halloween? Hmmm... Shelley likes to take 'food service' gloves, put a single candy corn in each finger tip, then fill the rest of the fingers and the body of the glove with popcorn. I think they look really cool. Oh, and pumpkin pie!!!

Threesome: Bats. Where are you flying to this evening? Any plans? Yep, we're loading up the whole gang and a neighborhood kidlet or two and heading off to church for a night of games, prizes and candy.

How about you? Tell us all about it, over on The Back Porch...

Come on over and chat!
10/31/02 8:03:13 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 10/31/02 7:58:15 AM

As promised...

Two pics from yesterday's fun...

His door when he arrived in the morning:

A shower curtain and a repainted bow...

...and the interior:

Quite a nice effect, really!

...with coffins on the floor and the traditional Geritol gift pack <g>.

10/30/2002 10:38:38 PM

Yeah, well...

No pics last night; I got caught up in something...

Here, go read a love story.

Gotta' go blow my nose...

10/30/02 3:05:51 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 10/30/02 3:02:45 PM

Black Tuesday...

Well, not it a bad way, if you're not our finance guy. When he got in this morning, there was a coffin in the break room. ...and his door was all done in black. ...and the interior was loaded with black streamers and witticisms about the aging process...

Jim turned forty today <g>!

(Pics tonight...)

Did I mention we dressed in all black today?

10/29/02 11:09:13 AM

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 10/29/02 10:31:03 AM

Planet check...

One of those "hard to wake up, much less get moving", mornings. Let's look out the window:

Blue sky? Check.
Green trees? Check.
Brown dirt? Check.

Okay, it's still Terra; time to move forward with the day.

10/27/2002 1:36:53 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 10/27/2002 1:36:06 PM


Didja' ever buy something, knowing when you bought it, even though it was only ninety-nine cents on the clearance rack (and that, at an outlet mall's kitchen store), that you were wasting your money, 'cause even though it was cute and all that, it still wasn't going to make the cut?

Hi there...

...and then, when you got it home and found out it really couldn't work out as you'd hoped ('cause it really didn't have enough suction to pick up the tailings from the Dremel tool, which really wasn't its fault 'cause it was only designed to pick up kitchen crumbs and other fine-grained stuff), it ended up in the corner of the workbench waiting for the Day of the Dumpster, 'cause what good is it anyway?

Do I live here?

...and when that day comes, and it's finally on its way to the great garage sale in the sky, and you think, "Hey, maybe..."

Ah, much better...

...and it finds a home.


Almost like a fairy tale...

10/26/2002 1:17:17 PM

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 10/26/2002 12:44:37 PM

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