August, 2003's logo. From the Sacramento, California Train Museum

The end of the week...

Due East...

2/13/2004, 2253

Bright, shiny objects...

Umm hmm...

2/13/2004, 0015

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 2/13/2004, 0010

The Thursday Threesome...

::The secret of being tiresome is to tell everything. --Voltaire::

Onesome- The secret of: Can you keep a secret? Have you ever blabbed? What was the consequence? I'm pretty good at secrets, perhaps too good: I tend to forget them (it's much easier than remembering not to mention something). I'm also a terrible gossip...

Twosome- being tiresome is: What's the one subject you get on your soapbox about? I tend to fire off when someone starts in on one of my friends. ...or maybe when someone jumps someone just because they don't think the same way they do.

Threesome- to tell everything. Have you ever had to fess up or come clean about something to save your skin or someone else's? Many times... I am far from error free <g>!

How about you? Are you tiresome or holding back? Drop by and let us know, over on The Back Porch...

Come on over and chat!

2/12/2004, 2301

The hidden world...

Underneath an oak leaf at sunrise...

2/12/2004, 0005

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 2/12/2004, 0001

Yep, we're getting there...

Ah, finally!

2/11/2004, 0001

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 2/11/2004, 0001


Sometimes you just have to play a little...

2/10/2004, 0005

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 2/10/2004, 0004

George and Gracie...

I don't think going down tail first is such a good idea...

2/9/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 2/9/2004, 0001

*Promise fulfilled...

(*...from late January)

2/8/2004, 0041

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 2/8/2004, 0038

Can't wait any longer?

Here's a Spring 2004 desktop for you...

I just couldn't resist!
Click for the Desktops page
2/8/2004, 0014

Anyone know birds?

Who is this guy?

I've noticed this guy hanging around one of the ponding basins. If you can ID him, please drop me a line. Thanks!

2/7/2004, 2302

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 2/7/2004, 2300