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08/06/2004, 0015

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 08/06/2004, 0005


The other week when it was so darned hot (105F) the subject of car temperatures came up. Here's a thermal read of the club on my steering wheel just before I headed home:

...and that's on a day that only reached the mid-nineties. ...and with a reflective sun shade positioned in the windshield. There's no direct sun on the club...

08/05/2004, 2148

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: Surprises-- Hey, do you like surprises? ...and what kinds? Birthday parties, dinners out? ...or are you one of those people who absolutely has to know what's going on before it happens? Ummm... No. ...especially not party type things. I'm not a social animal and I need to gear up for that type of thing. Heck, I'm not even all that comfortable with opening presents at Christmas <g>! But I do enjoy getting things in the mail...

Twosome: in the-- nick of time: How do you keep track of birthdays and anniversaries and events you need to remember but only occur once a year? ...and where is your bailout place for cards and such when you've cut things a little too close? Man, if I didn't have information managers on my computers I'd be so dead. it is I have to set reminders weeks in advance to remember, especially if I need to send a card. ...and where? If it's during the day, there's a Hallmark shop about a mile away. ...and if I've really blown it? Well, Raplh's is open late...

Threesome: Mail-- Mail Call! Did anything interesting show up lately besides the bills? ...and do letters and cards still make it to your place or have email and ecards taken it all over? Inquiring minds and all that... Nah, nothing fun at all... But cards do go back and forth from here. I prefer snail mail over ecards. ...but with my handwriting, email is the clear winner for written comunication.

How about you? Any surprises lately? Let us know, over on The Back Porch...

08/05/2004, 2130

Future tense...

08/05/2004, 0106

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 08/05/2004, 0045

Something fishy...

08/04/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 08/04/2004, 0001

Sundown's glow...

08/03/2004, 0005

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 08/03/2004, 0002

Monday's Rose...

08/02/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 08/02/2004, 0001


...or should I say, "Still?" Actually, I think this is "Gracie" from Mother's Day back on her own nest. After she and George left there was "Flighty Mom", who would take off as soon as I approached. ...and after she had her kid, "Injured Mom" (so named because she'd do the 'injured bird' thing if you came too close) took over; she was the mother of Cassie's Twins from a few weeks back.

...but this lady acts like Gracie did; she'll let me get right up to the branch line without being too bothered. ...and she'll let me move my camera up to the blank area in the tree for shots like this:

Welcome home, girl!

08/01/2004, 2158


08/01/2004, 0045

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 08/01/2004, 0002

The visitor...

7/31/2004, 2214


7/31/2004, 0015

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 7/31/2004, 0006