"Grows well in full sun..."

Orange you glad it's Friday?

08/24/2007, 0002

Any thoughts on that?

Friday 08/24/2007, 0001

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: Calculators-- and such: are you good with numbers? Do you have a calculator built in? ...or does the presence of a second column demand some help from something electronic? Nah, I have one built in that works pretty well for both binary and base10; hex I usually need a crutch to work in.

Twosome: may not be-- where you left them. Hmmm... What have you misplaced lately? You know: the item you are flat positive you left in one spot but somehow mysteriously migrated to another! My Mind!!! I know I left it over on Daynotes the other day, but I haven't been able to locate it! Help!

Threesome: Used-- cars? When you buy, do you buy new? ...or do you go for those with a few thousand miles on them? Used. I get the hand me down. ...or used to; Daniel will soon get the Camry and we'll find something a year or two old for me to get to and from work in...

How about you? Let us know, over on The Back Porch...

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08/23/2007, 2110

Cut loose on the breeze...

...and free to float wherever they're carried.

08/23/2007, 0010

Any thoughts on that?

Thursday 08/23/2007, 0005

Do memories fade?

...only slightly.

Mouseover for one answer...

We still know the sunset
and scenes painted bold
May your days pass softly
no memory grow old...

08/22/2007, 0003

Any thoughts on that?

Wednesday 08/22/2007, 0002


...are left to your imagination.

08/21/2007, 0002

Any thoughts on that?

Tuesday 08/21/2007, 0001

Monday's rose...

The essence...

08/20/2007, 0004

Any thoughts on that?

Monday 08/20/2007, 0001

Retinal pattern...

Just free association...

08/19/2007, 1830

Any thoughts on that?

Sunday 08/19/2007, 1815

Leaf study...

Dead does not mean forgotten...

08/18/2007, 2359

Any thoughts on that?

Saturday 08/18/2007, 2359