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Days of Mourning: September, 2001

While the recovery work continues in New York, life continues apace for those not directly involved: kids still need to get to school, the job needs your attention, family duties call...

...and some of us still need to deal with this. How can we do that?

In times past, those in mourning would don sack cloth and use the scratchy, uncomfortable feel of the cloth as a reminder of their grief. ...and to take a moment to pray.

...and many organizations have used pieces of sack cloth pinned to their clothing as a reminder of personal and wholesale grief. ...and as a reminder to pray.

That's the thought behind the banner now showing on my sites: a sack cloth reminder for the next several days. A reminder while we're browsing for information and checking on each other...

...a reminder while we move along with our lives to take a moment several times during our day to pray for those lost on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. ...and those who lost family, friends and acquaintances. ...and those working on the rescue efforts. ...and those working to rebuild.

...and for those who control the power that will likely soon be wielded.

Just a thought...

Days of Mourning: September, 2001

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