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  Christmas 2000

When you are watching the football game today.

...and they give you that end zone shot.

...and there's this guy holding up a sign.

...and it reads "John 3:16".

Remember how this part of the story starts: Luke 2:1-11

The reason for the season...



...and then there are days that I think I may have learned something during my time on this planet. Like this morning, when I may reap the benefits of the memories of too many years pushing too hard to get things done during the holidays. Yep; I took the day off.

That's right; me: Mr. "Save all the vacation until the summer"... Well, I'm trying a different page in the Book of Life this year; and a little prospective introspection revealed the strong possibility that I'd be dead tired this morning. ...and the events of yesterday pretty much bore that out.

So, I'll be sleeping in and recovering from too much sugar and too little sleep. Sheesh; I hope I can manage to blade this afternoon<g>.

On the connectivity front, two items of note:
  • Shelley asked Tom's advice on a Christmas present for me. Whew! I'll have to watch out for that combo in the future; I'm now the rather pleased owner of a Palm IIIc. Wow! I'd played with/tested a IIIe earlier in the year and deemed it serviceable; this one is a Ferrari compared to that model. I can't wait to have some time to play with it.
  • The D-Link dialup router I've been playing with seems to be working out okay. I still am planning a Linux solution to the local connectivity matrix around here, but I want a hardware backup element in place. ... for times like now, when the boxen are in pieces of the bench for reasons I still don't remember.

    Since Shelley started posting, simultaneous connectivity isn't as much an option as a necessity<g>. Last night after we got back home, both boys were creatively building their Playmobile projects and Shelley and I were able to knock posts out at the same time. Cool.
Have a great day!


Minimalist post, primarily to say, "Check in over on my Alternate Site later today as I may have a post up there."

Yesterday was more full than I imagined it would be and we capped the day with a birthday celebration with the boys' godmother.

Oh, and, "I got your email and I'll get back to you RSN..."



Okay, that's better... I'm not sure what the heck went on Monday afternoon through last night. Maybe a touch of something. ...certainly enough to throw my attitude off by more than a notch or two. Good grief...

Well, nothing like a little hardware work to bring things back into line... Yeah, I know, I didn't reply to all my email. ...both of them. ...well, more actually. I don't know which generates more mail, the computer and job doings over here, or the family stuff over there. I did have a nice email exchange yesterday with a gentleman who thanked me for turning off the HTML in my email. ...but it wasn't me; Outlook recognized his response as plain text and replied in kind. Still, he may be surprised that this site is managed with a text editor rather than the more common site tools such as FrontPage...

In the midst of that exchange, I blocked myself from email on Athena, the stable Win95 box I use for that stuff while Wolf, the ever-suffering NT box waits for a final bare-metal strip down that will happen as soon as get the router thing settled, only I need him for times like right then when I'm blocked from that phone line and "Hey, he likes the router" and I can configure Netscape Messenger to send and receive as a POP account and I wonder if Tux can deal with things now so I'm over on that box and "Guess what?", he's now happy with the DHCP setup and can hit the net only he doesn't want to receive mail just send it and I guess I can work on that today only I'd planned to move the kid's new system into their room so I could steal that box and upgrade it so I could pull Shelley's stuff from her junk box special and make her happy, then take her old unit and make it a Linux file server or maybe the new firewall or whatever and I think I'd better check the caffeine situation prior to the weekend 'cause I just remembered about those kid's pages I need to work on for church...

Sheesh! I'll catch you later<g>...


It's interesting how some projects drive other projects... Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day at one computer or another, but the real change in the last twenty-four hours or so is the shift of network focus to the router.

I left Athena off that link for the moment (I like a quick dialup for my email) and I've been working off of Wolf for the last few days. ...with a serious moment or two over on Tux. Posts for both sites, and tweaks for Shelley, are coming from NTLand and LinuxLand... Time for a re-think or two.

Sheesh; it's Syroid's disease... I thought I was inoculated against that. ...but it looks like I need to take another look at the boxes in use around here. I didn't expect to actually use a simultaneous connection as much as Shelley and I do. ...not to mention the downloads to Tux (hey, CoffeeCup has a Linux HTML editor!) while the other aspects of connectivity go on. Sure, a dialup sucks dead bunnies through that little teeny, tiny soda straw; but, for the bucks, we're standing pat until AT&T figures out that they own both my dial-up and the cable in this area <g>.

So, what am I going to do this weekend? Continue to rack up my score against the machines of course. ...and blade. The number one project now is to bring the kid's old box up to snuff enough to handle either 98SE or Me; then throw Outlook and IE5 on, along with WordPerfect and some eye candy production programs and turn it over to Shelley. ...then turn her old box into a Linux router<g>. Heck, I may even gain a box out of all this.

Gee, just what I need...


Ahhhh... Ummm... Scratch... Yawn... A Post???


Wait a minute. Oh...

You're right. I didn't put today's post up last night. WT???

Wait minute...

Hey, it's Saturday! Sheesh. Okay, "Friday" must have been yesterday??? ...and Friday night, I did what?

Oh yeah... We spent the evening watching one of Daniel's Adam-12 tapes. ...I think it was tape five of six. ...a small portion of the forty-eight hours of that program I taped for him for Christmas. Still... Let's see??? Shelley posted...

I didn't. ...to either site. Oh my...

What went on? Oh yeah: a new hard drive into the kids old machine; Cat5 strung from the 'library' over the door frame of the laundry room. ...then over the top of the storage cabinet and down to the kitchen table to pull data from Shelley's old machine to her new one (the kid's old one).

Ummm... Colorful commentary from loved ones: Daniel, "Cool."; Mom, "Get a picture; I bet no one else will believe me." Uh, Roberta would.

Let's see... Yeah: pull data; strech back out on living room floor; fall asleep? Turn off machine? Kill router? Dunno'.

But it's a new day. ...with two more to follow. I'd better get busy on something. Not that there's any shortage of projects...

I'll check in later...


Ah, the end of the year. Heck, the end of the millennium. ...but who's counting, -eh? How does that song go? "La, la, la, la, Life goes on..."

Today's list has several mutually exclusive locations demanding my simultaneous presence. Hmmm... Finish taking down the outside lights; watch the local team play Air Force up San Jose way; work on the "library"; work on Shelley's computer; watch the football game...

I suspect the solution will have something to do with the kitchen table, Shelley's computer and the living room TV. I wouldn't want the crick in my neck from any of the other permutations. ...and Daniel has seen enough Adam-12 to survive for a few hours.

I'll give Windows Me one thing: when Brad crashes that computer as only he can (full lock-ups are a way of life for him), that thing bounces back. Hmmm, that or 98SE for Shelley? Time for a little reading of Daynotes sites...

My stuff? On hold for the moment. ...though the mail situation was solved for the most part last night. I just killed the router and went back to Athena for a while. I think I got everyone... If not, apologies; and if it was important, please send me a reminder. Things are in transition here; chaos rules and I can only react at this point.

...or open a cold one.

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