The other morning, I decided I wanted to take a walk before I went blading... "Hey, Brad! Want to go with me around the block?" Sure he did! ...and we wandered off, past the daisies blooming in the neighbor's yard and down towards the corner.
...but before we made it to the corner, we were distracted by the bush with both green and red leaves twining its branches through the fence at the ponding basin. "Wow, wouldn't this look cool at Christmas time?"
...and we took a look through the fence to see what we could see.
What we found were some ducks making themselves at home!
"Hey, Dad! Get a shot of them like that! You could call it Bottoms up!"
As we walked around the corner, Brad spotted lemons ready to pick overhanging a fence.
...and I found this fellow, just waiting for the next breeze.
We found flowers...
...and trees,
and the first tulip of the season.
As we turned the corner and headed back toward home, Brad asked, "Hey, Dad, can we walk through the field?"
...and we spent some serious time discussing whether frogs or toads might be living in these uncapped garden drain pipes.
"The Field?"
"Hmmm... Let's go see what we can find..."
Would you like to know what we found?