As we turned the corner, we took a look at the old fence that bordered the field on the south.
...and I took the opportunity to explain about barbed wire.
Bonus points if you don't live in the rural but can still identify this detail shot...
One of the problems with walking in this field: the grasses are as tall as Brad!
"Hey, Dad! Where does this go?"
"Hmmm... I have an idea, but let's go see!"
So we wandered down the trail, checking out the flowers...
...and the bees,
and lady bugs.
As we reached the end of the "trail", it was as I thought...
...someone had put in a pool.
We turned toward home, looking over this thicket and wondered what might be living there...
...and what might have left this print.
On the way back, I took a shot or two with the macro lens...
...and Brad found another bee.
...and another strange bush.
...and a different sort of rock.
We had a great walk; thanks for joining us!
Would you like to know how we got here?