The Hitchhiker

I picked up another one this morning while blading, one of those little spiders that are caught on the wind and end up wherever the breeze sends them. Sometimes I can see entire generations riding the air currents as their webs provide support. Other times I only know one is around when she starts to rappel from the front of my sun visor...

I've learned to live with that. I mean, it's not like I have many choices. I'm rolling along at ten or twelve miles an hour and having to focus at least minimally on the road surface. ...and reaching up in reaction with a set of 'heavy hands' weights can cause serious things to happen.

...and then there's the issue of the intake manifolds (because there's serious air movement going on when I'm rolling): I've pretty much decided a spider munchie beats a spider in my nose any day.

So there are times like this morning when I just take one along for the ride. I mean, she was well behaved and more or less just hung there enjoying the scenery with me.

I do hope she enjoys her new home in my garden...

05/27/2002 * || send comment