Bobbi's pic of Wednesday's moonrise reminded me I hadn't posted my perspective of the same event (from a few thousand miles away <g>).

I'd blasted home from work to go blading: Wednesday was the only mid-week day with no rain predicted, and I needed to get back on pace after my cold. The day had dawned with a rising fog but had cleared rather nicely after a few hours of sunlight. Some new clouds were visible on both horizons as I drove home, and I wondered if the rain would hold off until morning or perhaps start again overnight.

As I strapped my blades on I was glad I'd attached a strobe light to my "heavy hands" weights as I wouldn't be back until after dusk started to settle its cloak over the area. ...but as I headed off, and turned the first corner to the east, my eyes were drawn across the fields toward the foothills and the mountains beyond. ...and I found myself caught up in the view: everywhere the rays of the setting sun struck across the valley, the low lying clouds and ground were lit up in a gentle pink glow. ...and everywhere the clouds or foothills cast a shadow, the background was painted a deep, dark blue.

...and over it all, just a handsbreadth or two above the tallest peak, the moon was rising.

Yeah, that set a very mellow tone for some quiet time cruising around...

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