Rain at my Back

So I went out blading on the first really cool morning of Autumn. ...and the cloud cover was holding and not clearing (unlike the predictions of both forecasts<g>). ...and life was so nice.

So I cranked up my rate and enjoyed the morning tailwind . ...and took my heart rate up past the high alarm setting for the first time in a while (not to worry; it's only set at the 160 mark). ...and just flat cruised.

Yeah, that felt good. ...and even heading back into the wind felt good. ...but as I came into the last stretch toward home, I heard a rustling sound just behind me in the field next to the road. I thought maybe it was Snowball, one of the neighborhood cats, bounding along as she hunted (me?). ...or maybe it was the wind? As I turned into the next street, I could look back into the field, but I couldn't see anything! No, wait... Yes I could. ...on the street I'd just left. Rain. Following me. ...at about the same speed as I was traveling. Interesting...

I was glad I'd turned it up a notch. ...and that I was only a block or so from home!

'Cause blading in the rain just doesn't work well at all...

09/28/2002 * || send comment