The Treasure Chest

I thought maybe it was time for the boys to each have a 'treasure chest'... You know, a box to keep special stuff in. Not necessarily from prying eyes, but something for that 'real' gold nugget. ...or that 2000 penny from Grandma. ...or that leaf (or feather or stone) found while playing in the yard. ...or that seashell from the beach.

I found a rather well-made box on clearance at the local Office Depot. It was a combination phone stand/Rolodex file and featured a pull out drawer with an older-style metal pull. There were Rolodex cards inside and a place for pencils and pens. ...and a compartment with no fixed purpose; it probably was intended to hold a notepad.

I'd picked one up planning to use it in my office area, but Bradley showed his usual interest in all things new while it was still sitting upright on the floor...

...and I thought back to my childhood and a wooden box that was probably my mother's silverware box at some point. Well crafted, with dove-tailed joints and a clasp latch, it held mementos from my dad's military years: some of his marksmanship medals, a set or two of his stripes. ...and a feather. ...and a few other things. Just junk to some, but special stuff to a kid.

So I dropped by two other stores on Friday looking for at least one more of these boxes; I figured I could give up the one if I could find a mate to it. I did better than that! I found two new ones in the original boxes. ...and with the price cut once again. Wow.

When I came home, both boys were playing outside; so I simply placed a box on each of their beds. It was long after dinner before Bradley wandered out with a, "Dad, what's this?" I explained it was a box they could put on the headboard of their bed or in a drawer (to keep it out of Mom's way) and that they could keep special things in it. "Every boy needs a treasure chest..."

They both went to work opening their boxes and carefully putting the insert cards in the rack. Then the ideas started to flow. "Will it fit in the shelf?" "How about on top?" "Hey, my pencil collection from Mom fits in this part!" "Hey, Daniel, look: my money fits in here!"

When I went to pull my 'lights out' check last evening, I found both of them had placed their boxes on their headboards. ...and Daniel's glasses were in a new 'safe place' on top of his.

I'm betting that's one of the best 'under $10' purchases I'll ever make...

Oh, and mine? Safely tucked away...

Yeah, Mom; I still have it.

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