...but I have for the last three, which is way cool because I hadn't been able to get into much of a groove with the weather and our schedules the way they've been.

...and this weekend allowed me to recapture some of the groove I'd been missing the last few weeks, that point where the wind doesn't matter and just becomes part of the mix. ...and you're not in charge, as you focus on the center and let the body adjust the speed and workload to suit its needs and wants. ...and things flow well enough to allow the arms and the hand weights at their ends to float upward and outward and then again inward into something resembling a fast Tai Chi, changing positions in time with the breathing and the rhythm of the legs.

...and it's only after you've reached the point where the body is easing up on the pace that your realize you're past both the upwind and uphill parts of the course and the trip towards home is going to be needed as a cool down time.

Yeah, like that...

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