Every so often someone asks if they may use one of the photos from the photoblog either as posted or in its original form. Here is what some people have done with some of them (feel free to chime in if I've left you out; it's very unintentional!). Click on the picture for the template or web page (if still available).

Erika Nelson (Nelson Art):

From a blog post

From a ''Monday's Rose''

Creations by Tracey continues with her latest sets of blogware:

From the Easter 2006 splash page

From a blog post

From a ''Monday's Rose''

Glen Road Girls (blog templates):

Into the Light  Calla Lilly

Creations by Tracey (blog templates):

From a 'Monday's rose...'

From a piece titled 'Duo'...

From a piece titled 'Purple Rain...

Deb Smouse (personal page):

From a floral arrangement...

Annie from Michigan (on the artistic process)

From a rose bud shot...

Annie from Michigan (EBSQ listing)

Walt Whitman joins in...

Cassie-b (redecorating in style)

Pics to be used in the redone hallway...  ...and matted to work with the new wallpaper.

The pics hung in the hallway...

Click on any of the pics for a larger version.
Photos copyright Cassie-b, 2005

(From a PhotoBlog post on May 22, 2005)

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