Kitty pic!

Zoe resting...

There's a short story over on Views
05/27/2005, 0005

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 05/27/2005, 0003

Mulberries, not figs!

Oh, man! I'll have to claim ignorance. ...or maybe ... nah, I just jumped the gun and went by the leaves and the bark. That and the fact I've never seen anything but fruitless mulberries here (they were big for back yards in the fifties).

...but as pointed out by JHR, and confirmed by Sheila Rene and Ansie from Capetown: those sure as heck aren't figs but rather mulberries. Now if I could only find some silkworms!

Learning the error of my ways <g>!

05/26/2005, 2115

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome- Comment: Are there any blogs you regularly read and comment on? Is it just to say "hi, how are you?" or is there one site that just makes you have to join in the conversation? Oh, probably ten or twelve or so <g>! ...but some of the best conversations get going over at Lori's place.

Twosome- and Trackback: Does anyone actually ever really use this function of their blog? Nope, it's all hand-coded here and I haven't implemented that feature...

Threesome- Spam: We all hate it! Anyone have any clever ways of dealing with it? Share it with us, please. Well, one of the easiest ways is to close comments on all posts over a week old; that effectively stops most of the automated systems out there (and back that up with a custom page listing the last 100 comments or so just to crosscheck your effectiveness). The other is to stay on top of the current 'blacklist' for your CMS. ...and in the case of the Back Porch I keep it open in a window and check it daily for interlopers...

How about you? Let us know, over on The Back Porch...

Come on over and chat!

05/26/2005, 1906

A matter of focus...

I know, but I like these!

mouseover the picture for another focal point

05/26/2005, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 05/26/2005, 0001

Shadow play...

Just leaves...

05/25/2005, 0005

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 05/25/2005, 0003


A few weeks back, I had a photo of some freshly formed pine cones;
here's how they are doing about a month later...

So far, so good!

05/24/2005, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 05/24/2005, 0001

Monday's rose...

With little work on the background...

05/23/2005, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 05/23/2005, 0001


But not in motion!

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05/22/2005, 0005

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 05/22/2005, 0002

Something for Jenn...

Such a short time to bloom...

05/21/2005, 2100

Evening dreams...

Something a little special...

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05/21/2005, 0020

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 05/21/2005, 0005