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Did I mention that I'm batching it? Yeah, Shelley is over at the coast with the guys. ...and I'm just hangin' around here reading and feeding cats. ...and working, but I can't really get out of that now, can I <g>!

Off to see what I can get caught up with there...


Well, I don't know as I've ever done that, not updated the page flip in just that manner. Ah well... One last day of freedom here<g>. The gang will be back tomorrow.

Whew, way prophetic on the work comment yesterday: I got more behind than I had on Friday!. August always seems to be busy for us for some reason and this one is proving no exception.

No matter, there's a beach in my future...


Well, the weather is staying cool. So far the mid-nineties is it for this week. ...and right now it's only 91 and that's a good thing: Shelley and the boys are minutes away from the house after being over at the coast since Saturday. ...and considering the climate over there, 91 will be hot enough for them!

...even though it's a cooling trend to me!


I'm thinking I'm liking MSI motherboards, at least for retrofits into Compaq boxes. Yeah, I finally got started on Brad's computer. The motherboard went in with just a 'touch of Dremel' (and a nibbler <g>).

...and since he's going to end up with a camera before too long, I decided to throw a card reader in while the box was open. When he came home today, he had all sorts of questions about what I'd done while he was gone. ...and when he figured out that was a burner?

Well, that look was priceless...


Beachin' it again for a day or so... This is primarily the cleanup trip to haul the 'cool weather' clothes back home and pretty much say 'done' for the season. ...but that won't keep us out of the water and from kicking back some<g>!

...and it appears I may have some work to do this morning when I get up: Outlook appears to be hosed! Great. Time to see what's in the kit. ...or what is available to test for the next few days.

Communications may be spotty...


Three thumbs up for Trillian! Yep, with some of the colloborative work I'm doing, the email routine really wasn't quite cutting it; so I tried a Triliian install on the P-120 laptop I use on vacation. I had to upgrade to the Winsock 2 stack, but that was all it took. One of those things that 'just works'.

'Cepting the laugh thing; that's just spooky...


Travel day...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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