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Well now... The south state is literally burning up and we're all sorts of hot up here. 91F today again. ...but not for long! Check this out (from

Tue Oct 28 Sunny 90/53
Wed Oct 29 Sunny 81/45
Thu Oct 30 Sunny 65/37
Fri Oct 31 Mostly Sunny 55/32
Sat Nov 01 Sunny 54/33

Yep, a thirty degree daytime and a twenty degree night time drop? Maybe that will help them in the southland...

You have to hope...


They're starting to waffle on that forecast, now going with 57 on Friday and back up to 60 on Saturday. ...but they're holding the temps under 70 next week; before they were calling for mid-seventies. We'll see...

Fresh off the presses: Jay Allen has upgraded his MT-Blacklist to version 1.5. He's added some cool features, including trackback scanning. All in all a nice solution for the non-geeks in the crowd...

...or you could just not have comments <g>!


We had a wonderful time this evening at a school choral concert! Daniel started singing in elementary school and carried it over into junior high this year. I didn't really think that was something he would stick with, but tonight I found out why: this gang is good! The music department presented six choral ensembles, all the way from a small jazz group to nearly seventy-five singers in their 'Concert Choir'. ...and they all were very good.

This is the payoff for the school district doing a vertical integration with their singing groups from the elementary through the high school levels. The elemetary schools are literally developed as 'farm teams' for the junior highs: by the time the students move to the next level, they already have the foundations in place and the instructors (who help out at the lower and upper levels in a crossover fashion) can move right along with the students development. It's working very well.

...and I'm getting a kid with some breadth to his education!


Hey, much cooler today here! I don't know that we got much into the seventies even. ...and now they've bumped the rain prediction up from a maybe to a could be! We'll take it here. And the firefighters down south will welcome it there if it drops that far down...

...and homework is done for the week! Yeah! Okay, the next round starts on Saturday, but I'll take the day off <g>!

Catch you tomorrow...


Hmmm... Yesterday on the blog I mentioned on the maybe Shelley and I could garner some quiet time at the church carnival tonight and that's just how things worked out! Yep, Brad played games and walked the cake walk so much they were giving him stuff while Daniel worked booths and just generally helped out. Shelley and I wandered around a bit and then ended up on a bench keeping each other warm and just watching the crowd walk by...

Not a bad deal at all...


Culled from Slashdot: "I can't be the only one that finds it disturbing that the FBI uses AOL." ...from an article piece about a scammer who spammed an off-duty FBI computer crime agent.

I think my body has just figured out the combo of the time change and the weather change: I'm almost in full hibernation mode. I'm waking up okay at first light; but as soon as the sun goes past the meridian, I'm starting to fall asleep! Evidently this afternoon's chair nap set off some alarms at Cal Tech from all the snoring <g>... least from what the guys said!


Hmm... I guess a little weather update is in order... We never hit the freeze they were talking about; the front that moved in proviced enough cloud cover to keep things in the high forties at night. We have dropped below seventy for the afternoons...

The rain never hit either; we had some sprinkles Friday evening, but not really enough to even cause runoff on the roads (the county to the south caught plenty though). ...but it did clear the air some. ...and the winds have kept it clear.

Expect cloud pictures on the blog...

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Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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