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Happy Monday to everyone out there. Yes, you too <g>! I have some hopes that things will be a little less hectic around the old homestead this week. I have a very real need to Get Something Done before I wig out. I'm more or less done with the 'nibbled to death by ducks' routine lately and I'm not sure I even care which project I can finish up as long as I can finish one up!

Sheesh, it's like I have a life for or something...


Jay Allen is the guy who crafted the hugely successful and wonderfully effective MT Blacklist to kill spam in comments (recently ported to WordPress). He wrote Inspiration to us all after delving into a bit of interconnectivity in his comments. Go have a read if you're into digging into the world of asshats; it's wonderful satire!

Hey, what happened to Monday?


Whew. 7-6, their first real squeaker...

...but guess who got the game ball?


Man, sometimes those game nights just do me in! The day at work transitions to working on and finishing Daniel's homework before we can go to the game. ...and typically the game is followed by Brad's homework. Dinner ended up at 2200 for me...

...and the game itself lived up to its billing: we were up against the other 'hot' team and bringing our undefeated record in against their one loss at the halfway mark of the season. We led with our usual number three pitcher, but left him in for three innings since he was fanning batters. I doubt the kid had forty pitches. ...and our batters were going strong early on too, racking up a seven run lead.

...but things got dicey as they fought back. By the last inning (six in this league) we were looking at a 7-5 game. ...and by the last pitch, we were 7-6 with runners on all three bases. about cardiac kids!


I'm taking a day today to do some catching up, mental and otherwise. Sometimes the pace here at Casa TimeSink needs a big push on the reset switch...

Catch you later...


Well, the Friday plan worked out okay: I did manage to get a few things done; but more importantly, I managed to trash out an over-planned day and not jam too much into it...

The bonus came today when last night's lack of sleep (up a tad late/kids/cats) left me a bit behind the curve. ...and once the baseball game was over (10-4) and brunch was settled nicely in my belly, the couch reached out and grabbed me for serveral hours. ...but I'm still on track for the minimized plans I'd rescheduled.

Now for Sunday!


Slow goin' again today. Brad and I have some flowers to get into the ground and some bark to lay down on the side garden. Daniel has homework that he's pounding away on (a forty page PowerPoint presentation), and Shelley is planning a meal for a church member. Oh, and some chocolate chip cookies!

...time to get busy!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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