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I'm almost caught up on sleep after coming home and checking out the inside of my eyelids for two hours earlier this evening. ...but Father's Day weekend both took it out of me and was very fullfilling. The food turned out great and the company was wonderful. ...and my sons pulled it together nicely for us. Yeah, it worked well...

...but it's "more later" time as I'm only 'almost' caught up <g>!


Yep, still behind on things, but I did manage to gather enough energy to blade tonight. ...but that was it for the evening as far as planned projects. Oh, and I am way the heck behind in email. Yep, I'll play catch up just as soon as I can...

...and just as soon as some family stuff is handled!


Who me? Post? Oops! I spent the evening working on a new machine...

But hey...


Back to normal? I mean, define 'normal' in the sense of the asylum here... Maybe though. The last two nights were taken up with working on the setup of the computer I'll use at the beach (yep, more changes) and printing out and framing up a couple of pics for a show I'm submitting to this weekend. Yep, I finally decided to go for it. More about that when I have a few minutes (yes, yes, you've heard that before <g>). ...but hey, when life is full, it's full!

...but it is almost the weekend!


Made it! Yeah! ...and tomorrow is ribs for dinner and sausage for brunch (pics? sure!). ...and two pieces to submit for acceptance to that show I mentioned (nope, no details until I know if they're used or not). ...and computer prep for the beach (we can't be forgetting to load up things when dialup is the access method over there). ...and maybe some yard work. ...and definitely some blading. ...but first, maybe some sleep?



No post...

Yep, an evening off...


It was another "Barbeque Day" yesterday...

...and while the meat is in the cooking chamber, there's plenty of heat just going to waste. So why not put that to use, -eh?

Yep, we can think of something...

Ready to go. ...but there seems to be one missing!

Oh, yeah! Just waiting for one of the boys to bring out the chipotle!

Have a good week!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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