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Posting this week may be a little sporadic (like last week only worse?) as we're prepping for vacation. That means a machine to set up (and with dial-up no less, although there's a post there!) and packing and finding all the infrastructure things we need. Yes, yes, we actually have 'infrastructure' at the coast when we're there <g>!

...but with any luck I'll have some more 'smoking' pics like from Sunday and a tale or two to tell from the weekend. ...and I should know this week if my photos were accepted for showing.

Hmmm... Sounds like a busy week!


I'm having Janeen make up a small plaque for each of our offices with the old Woody Allen quote of:

"Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once."

..but with the add on of:

"Note: this does not apply to the Purchasing Department...."

Oh, yeah...


I'm falling behind again, but that's the normal routine here when we're packing and getting set up for vacation time. The coast machine is pretty well set up and just about ready to pack (maybe another hour of file copy stuff) and one stack of reading is ready to be loaded somewhere. ...and I'm thinking I probably need to take some clothes along <g>...

Or not; I 'go native' pretty easily; board shorts are all we need over there...


I'm thinking we're timing things about right in getting out of the valley; the one hundred plus temps are back with a vengeance and are looking to stay for a while. In the meantime the central coast doesn't look to be breaking into the seveties for the next week or so.

That sounds like a good trade off...


Daniel and I finished packing the van a little after midnight (Why? Well. we can pack in 80 degree heat or pack in 104 degree heat? Easy math); so all we should have to do is head on down the road when I get home from work today. ...but I think we're on Plan B; my original thought of going in early so I could get out of the office early isn't looking so good right now.

...but leaving the 104+ is!


The short version for those checking in here: we made it in okay and made good time on the trip. ...but I had an interesting time with the modem that was working fine at home (a USR Courier!) and I'm very glad I brought a Sportster along as a backup <g>!

More later when I get things configured a bit better...

(Update at 2016) Well, things went long last night/this morning, but the connectivity issues got resolved with the modem changeout. This evening I'll work through the list of 'local' numbers: I've converted the phone line here to 'flat rate' rather than 'measured rate' for the next month or so since the rates penciled out better that way. ...and even better than using the calling card as I'd planned.

...and the evening quieted down nicely once I had things working okay. I ended up with Nora Jones playing over iTunes as I cleaned up all the cabling and buttoned things up (pics later if you're interested).

Now to catch up on some sleep <g>!


We're pretty much settled in... Now for the 4th. ...and once that's over we can relax a bit. Right now Shelley and Brad are out walking around town a bit while Daniel and I are staying in and reading. So far it's been a pretty good trip.

...and I'll take the temperature over here anytime! When we left Clovis around 1630 Friday it was 106F; we got into Cayucos to fog and maybe 62F. By the time we got back from the grocery store later that evening it was probably in the fifties. ...and while it's plenty cool here in the condo, it's hot enough on the sand to make you want to go into the ocean. Of course, as soon as you're in the ocean, you realize exactly how cold it is! Yep, this isn't the 'warm beaches' of Florida <g>...

Still, it felt pretty good!

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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