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Never a dull moment here... It had been a full day at work and I really looking forward to coming home and blading off some of excess "Argg!!! Factor" I'd accumulated over the course of a typical Monday. ...but I came home to a kid with a nicely split lip from using a scooter as a unscheduled launch pad over the driveway.

He's looking pretty good, but his one tooth really did a number on his outer lower lip, one of those deals that has all the hall marks of "maybe, but probably one stitch for sure". ...and that's how that worked out.. Shelley hauled Brad over to the Urgent care while I took Daniel to guitar lessons; then I headed over to relieve her (anticipating the results). ....and I really didn't want the MD mained or dead just for making Brad wince (best to have the non-cortically responsive Mama Bear eslewhere when this ballon up!

Everything turned out well; Brad has one stitch in his lip and a free pass off many of his normal activities for the next day or so. Oh, he's not hurt; we just need Shelley not worrying about him!

Resetting schedules hour by hour...


Normal? Well, more or less <g>: I took Brad to work today and let him work on both his laptop (ripping CDs) and mine (redesigning his room layout using Dia), taking inventory for me (hmmm... he really did quite well at that!) and hopefully not getting too bored in between...

...and so far Shelley has survived. Barely...

Psst: Happy Birthday, Ann!


Playin' with Debian on a tablet PC. What a nice load! X may be a bit of a deal, but if I learn enough I may not need it. I'm just looking to get the Misterhouse home control package up and running on a 'standalone' pc...

Well, it's time to retire that controller anyway...


Nope, I have no idea whose dog that is or what was happening, other than his owner was probably in the Baskin-Robbins store when Brad and I pulled up after he got stitched up the other night. ...and from my viewpoint that was one shot I wanted to get!

...but man, those are not cute beasties!


No post?

Yep, side tracked as all get out...


The day we broke an electric lawn mower. That takes talent.

...better yet: 88 days into a 90 day warranty!


School starts tomorrow!

Really, does anything more need to be said?

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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