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Well, we all survived (the first day of school)... Shelley returned to her job share, and of course baked cookies for the students. Daniel is now a sophomore in high school and no longer a lowly freshman. Brad is now in junior high and on top of his world (just go with it, folks). ...and me? Just shuttle service and some school supplies...

Homework of course, but what else did we expect?


School is in session,
but it's not yet Labor Day...

Football is being played,
but it's only preseason...

Sunset is earlier,
but the days are hotter...

Seasons change...
...and yet do not.
Your thoughts for the day from a curmudgeon


So... Do you recall how the detox/wind down/get something done during the school year works? "Yes, you, Mz. Sheila, there in the back row with the rest of the rowdies!" "Exactly, 'catch as catch can' and never finish dinner some evenings (if dessert is considered part of dinner <g>)"... Homework is king and minor things like breathing are optional...

True 'dat, but every so often I catch a little bit of a break, in this case at the cost of a toasted hub...

Slowly getting back into shape...

...but while I was out replacing the hub (likely fried from the 104 heat this week and the fact it's living in a garage!) I managed to get another step along the way toward shifting the home control system over toward Misterhouse. That screen in the lower right-hand corner is a tablet PC that currently is loaded up with Debian and just waiting for another night to un-tar the misterhouse file I downloard last night and fire it up. That machine will replace the other pen tablet (middle center) that was cool for testing, but not so cool as a full time workhorse.

Oh, and that shape on the left? That's a vintage iMac who goes by the name of Merlin; he assists me in these endeavors as he can shift his TCP/IP allegiance without needing to reboot. ...that and he gives me a rock steady net link when I need to look something up. how to work with Lynx!

Just some geek fun, kids...


Just a note on rehab: I stayed off my knee as much as I could for two weeks; then I started working it slowly in the pool and lately with some short runs blading. This evening I worked with the wrap off and tried a speed run on the short route. Things worked out, even though I am way out of shape for that sort of run. Still, it worked, and I'm looking for the heat to go down so I can work on things some more...

I'm also ready for Friday...


Yes. Friday happened. I recall.


Garden work day.

Backyard party evening...


Oh, man, talk about a disjointed weekend... Plans were made and plans were changed. Things didn't get done and things did get done. There's much to write about but no time to write it in. ...not if I want to get any sleep at all.

Let's just head into next week..

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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