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No post.

We had homework...


Yes, this week is an adjustment week to the new school year.

Yes, we're looking forward to the three-day weekend!


Let's see... 103 +/- on Monday, but only showing the high 90s in the forecast for the entire week! Hmmm... Historically we can have more days over 100 in September than in August. ...and rain isn't something we think about until October. ...unless that hurricane that's threatening the beaches in Baja blows something up this way? Autumn? I mean, the days are shorter and all that...

Oh, darn, they just changed forecast changed to 100 or so for Friday.



No, we weren't at someone's house; we were up at Academy Cemetery shooting sunset shots. ...or that was the initial intent until I got a, " vewy, vewy qwiet" hand signal from Brad as we were looking around one border. He did that twice with two different wild rabbits. I was lucky to get within twenty-five feet!

Yes, we did get our sunset shots. ...and Brad added to his collections of marker poetry and marker logo letters. More on them later this week...

...after I set him up with a gallery, -no?


...just thinking: my kids have never heard a sonic boom. Brad and I were talking yesterday on the way home from school. ...and Daniel confirmed it: they've never heard that distinctive crack-crack as a plane traveled overhead and down the way. I realize it's a safety and broken window and car alarm issue, but I'm thinking car alarms were not quite so ubiquitous when a hotdogging pilot came into town hot and fast back when I was in school. I remember it as being something exciting as we wondered what the rush was all about...

Changing times...


More or less a kick back day here. Daniel got his lawn mowing done, Brad and Shelley embarked on an expedition before nine this morning that didn't get them home until five or so (having his drivers shortened, visiting, shopping, shopping and more shopping). ...and I supervised, bladed, took a lengthy photo walk and tried to shift gears from the work week.

Hopefully that last part worked...


...taking the day off from here.

...and the net in general.

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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