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Oh, man! Easy there, gang. Those judges are using quite different criteria than you are <g>! On the photoblog I tend to go for either photorealism or whimsy; these guys were looking for art. Yes, that definition is flexible and debatable, but the criteria used wasn't what I entered against.

Yep, that rose would have plenty good enough for any rose show, but I'd have been better to have entered one of my more 'abstract' flower shots. Okay, lession learned. ...and while the ocean shot was nice, it wasn't taken as far to the limit of post production as the winners were. On the other hand, I really wish I had entered almost any of my cat photos; the selections under 'animals' would have been easy to leapfrog.

...and yes, the mantis will likely go in next year <g>.


Commentary on comments... Just an update/overview for the photoblog readers who would like to comment (or anyone from this side of the web): There are no contemporary comments like you are used to seeing on typical blogs that are handled by a Content Management System such as WordPress, B2evo, or MoveableType; that site, like this one, is hand-coded to keep the server overhead low. ...and ...well, to keep the riffraff out: most CMSs are magnets for comment and referrer spam; I spend enough discretionary time each week keeping the Back Porch cleaned up to not want to have to deal with that type of problem here.

That said, an email will usually get answered within twenty-four hours; the only thing you need to do is decode that link that says "Any thoughts on that?" into a standard '' format. ...or use the email address at the bottom of this page. Emails are appreciated and I'll respond to most of them.

...and for the future? Well, pair networks has a form mail script in place on the servers that supposedly is somewhat tamperproof. That still doesn't allow for much reader interaction, but will get comments to me without being all that attractive to the spammers. ...and that may be a better answer than a third party system such as Holoscan.

I'll let you know what shakes out...


Busy at work with work stuff and busy at home with homework stuff...

Life in the blog lane...


Oh, heck, let's just pull for the weekend...

...and a tech post on print servers under Linux?


I tried something a bit different this evening as a test of the outdoor cooking system: I grilled frozen pizza... Yes, that is a bit different, but thinking about how a standard store-bought pizza cooks in an oven (the type you don't use a cookie sheet with) I figured that maybe the larger grill might work.

...and it was easy enough, although the next time I'll work with more briquettes and less lump mesquite (I was going for a hotter fire). ...and I added a bunch of wood chips in when I put the pizzas on; that gave a plain cheese pizza a nice tangy flavor.

All in all an okay Summer meal...


No post...

A busy day doing ... well ... something...


Sunday was another day of "What happened to the day", but at least I had a bit of a handle on it.

Your regular programming will return Monday.

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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