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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Beta 4 is available for both Windows and Mac. I downloaded it Sunday evening to the XP box and used it for both the lavender rose and the "drinking bird" shot...

All in a all I'd say it's a step up from the Camera Raw available in Photoshop Elements. I'd been planning on downloading another RAW converter, but for the moment I'm going to hold off and see how this pans out. That bird shot was pretty much 'unworkable' under my old workflow process; let's see how this week's shots turn out.



Blog the weather? Sure, it beats ... well, it doesn't; but hey, while Moosie is enjoying Autumn up in Alaska and it's raining back East, we're in the 90's again/still and there's nary a hint of precip in the forecasts. ...and that means all the ag dust is in the air and we're talking pink sunsets most evenings.

The flip side of that is good weather for the local County Fair starting next week. ...and a nice evening for the company tailgate at the local football game when Colorado State comes to town this Saturday. ...and the raisin farmers are probably going to do okay with their drying this year (they dry raisins in the fields here).

So yeah, it's Autumn in the Central Valley...


No post---Homework and such...


Yep, I'm behind once again on things both here and there. By my count it's three PhotoProse pieces and at least one story.

Ah, well...


That daylily? The one with the 'overprocessed' tag? Just an example of what an amateur with Lightroom can put up with a little bit of learning.

The shot was taken at full noon on a bright day (no clouds) with a tele from an easy eight feet away from the bloom. The background was blasted out by the sun and the shot itself appeared overblown even with the stop down. I need to watch that second tutorial again, but I think this became an acceptable shot...

Later, gang...


A working morning as far as household projects, and a kickback afternoon in prep for an evening of football (the company tailgate was this evening).

Hey, the team lost (probably not even a bowl now), but the tailgate was great...



Yep, no BCS, and I'd say no WAC from what I saw; it looks like it's your show again this year, Cecil. ...and San Diego lost today. ...and the Raiders are currently ahead (on a defensive touchdown).

Signs and portents...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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