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Hey, we had some rain yesterday! Things had clouded up a bit Friday evening and into Saturday, and the temps had dropped out of the 90's into the 80s; but this was the real wet stuff. No, not enough to do much but mess up all the dust on the cars and remind people to change out their wiper blades. ...and not even a threat to the raisin harvest, but still enough to "make it smell like rain" and remind people that Summer may be over.

Now we get to watch for what they're calling a 'definite maybe' later in the week; that may have us scrambling to put away some of the stuff that could get damaged by rain. ...and the Fair is starting.

Ah, well, maybe! We're ready for cooler weather!


Postings will be here and there this week. I have at least three PhotoProse pieces sitting in the queue and one almost forgotten tech piece I want to get documented here. With any luck I'll be able to work on those in what free time I have and get some of my inner backlog cleared out a bit.

Sure, sure. photos at least...


No rain. Not even decent cloud cover. I suspect the accelerated forecast may have us back in the 90's by next week. Still, the nights are cool and the overall trend is toward Autumn.

Homework continues apace here. Projects are on the frontburner with the usual load still happening. Brad's learning that junior high isn't a free ride, and Daniel is into a tough sophomore year. It has the makings of a long Fall...

I do have the links gathered for that tech piece though...


It rained!

...but I was still able to blade this evening.


No post... Nah, cancel that: we went by the local County Fair for a hour to check out the corn dogs and bungie rides and the crowds. Oh, and to see how Brad did with his photos! One first, two seconds and one third. ...and that's after moving up a division. Pretty good considering he was going for an artistic style of two of them.

Hmmm... Maybe we'll put them up on his place?


A recharge day of sorts here. Brad spent the night at a church "overnight" and slept much of the day after I picked him up at 0700. Daniel and I slept in and then worked on household projects and one major homework assignment. ...and got it finished! Yeah! That means only one assignment left for each of the guys. ...which means perhaps we'll hit the Fair "for real" Sunday.

...or just sleep in again <g>?


Well, a little sleep, some more homework, the Fair, more homework, more homework and then some more homework...

I'm seeing a trend...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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