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Is it only Monday evening? Man, it feels at least like Tuesday. ...and it will get worse: this is that Christmas week when there's an event every night (and the normal homework load). Oh, yeah, this will make for a football weekend for sure...

Tonight was a management dinner event at a very nice place.

...and Algebra when I got home!


Partial history of the day: Rush out of the office to pick up Brad from his friend's to take him to clarinet because Shelley is tied up with a sick friend and get him home and snacked and homeworked so I can get us to Daniel's recital (Shelley met us there) to come back home and get him and Shelley to bed (Daniel too, both of us up doing homework and geeky things last night) because Brad has to be at school at 0630 because his orchestra is rehearsing for their recital Wednesday night and have some dinner so I can try to sleep too before the day starts anew.

"Surrender, Dorothy..."


Daniel? No, I didn't forget him last night; his choir was bussed over from the school to the concert site after a BBQ they had set up after school...

I'm beat: we essentially did the same schedule this evening for Brad's orchestra spectacular. ...and homework. ...and more homework.

...but before I forget: both boys' groups performed wonderfully!



Headlines at the checkstand line last night (on a rag that shall remain nameless):
Under a baby in a commencement robe and cap: Advanced degrees for reincarnated
Pillar of salt proven to be Lot's wife
Over an actual on-scene photo: Titanic sunk by Nuke!

I was holding my own until I was putting things on the belt and saw the latest volume from that "books for the rest of us" series: Baby Names for Dummies

I could cry...

On the other hand, Starbucks just opened their forty-fourth store in the Fresno/Clovis area; I think that's about one for every 10,000 residents, still room for some growth...

Oh, man...



Man, I dislike memes... No, wait... Yeah, yeah, so the CNL tagged me with one I can maybe do. Hence...

I am instructed to list 6 little known oddities about myself.

  1. I am not a 'people person'. I could cheerfully live in a beachhouse at the end of nowhere (with connectivity and UPS delivery). (Yes, you're invited. at a time.)
  2. I dislike clutter, yet that's my lifestyle (no, no conflict there <g>!).
  3. I don't eat vegetables (okay, salads every so often).
  4. I have clothes laid out to get into if I have to get up at night (a legacy of the fire service years).
  5. I have both an electric and a manual toothbrush.
  6. I won't turn on the radio or a fan in the car after I start it until I can hear how the engine is running.
Somehow I think this list will expand once Shelley sees it...


Well, the week that was caught up with Brad: he's got a cold. Shelley and I are a bit hoarse, but I think that's from having to shout over the sound system at the company Christmas party last night (great time!). Daniel is okay. ...or he was until we raked a yardful of leaves across the street this morning; that slowed both of us down a bit.

I think it will be a light duty day here...


The cars? That first one is a 19mumble Studebaker (I do have a shot of the tail lights and trunk latch if any purists simply have to know <g>) I saw in front of me the other day tooling along one of the main streets in Fresno. The car itself seemed to be in pretty good shape; the Muppets made for a bright spot on a foggy day.

...and the Camero? I gave someone a ride to pick up a motorbike the other day and saw that sitting on the shop floor. Well, actually on the dyno mounted into the floor. It's a 1969 RS with a 350 and looked pretty darned clean. When I asked the shop guy about the blower I saw off to the side (one of those nice, fat jobs), he said they'd used it to get the HP up to some phenomenal figure until they blew out the intake gaskets. ...and that's when they decided to pull it and put the NOx on to see what they could get from that...

Five minutes, that's all I ask...

The Conjuror
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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"

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