where trees flower,
and flowers bloom,
...and clouds dance,
...and sunsets happen.


Earlier today, someone emailed in and said I needed to try to relax a little... Yeah, I had to agree.

So when Shelley called work to let me know she was taking the boys over to my mother's place for dinner, I made a store stop on the way home...

Quiet, peaceful... One Corona, twenty ounces of creme de cacao/peppermint latte, ten ounces of ground sirloin, sauteed baby belle mushroooms, chips and jalepeño dip... Yeah, that relaxed me rather well <g>.

...and I probably should try to sleep now.

3/29/2003, 0024

Lighting 101...

Daniel is slowly going crazy trying to figure out how I "rigged" the lighting for this shot:

A shaft of sunlight highlights up a redwood trunk...
Click for a larger version

I'll show him around sundown tomorrow...

3/28/2003, 2359

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 3/28/2003, 2330

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: Lights- Did you watch the lights of Hollywood at the Academy Awards the other night? ...and were you surprised by any of the winners. ...or did you spend the evening doing something else? Nope, I intended to, but I didn't have control of the clicker that evening! ...not that I get out to movies much. So, it worked out okay anyway.

Twosome: Camera- Do you enjoy photography? ...and do you take pictures for your web site if you have one? Hmmm... Digital or film? Inquiring minds and all that... Oh, heck yes! Ummm, yeah, this place turns into a photoblog sometimes, mostly when I don't have a lot to say, but still think I can find something of interest to put up. ...and I do appreciate the kind words about the individual bits and the longer pieces. ...and, let's see: I've gone all digital; my beloved Mamiya SLR is slated for the next yard sale. Kinda' sad; we've been together since the early seventies. ...but time and technology march on.

Threesome: Action- For some, March Madness has begun. Have you succumbed to the action of the basketball tournament, or are you immune to the madness and just waiting for regular programming to resume? Man, I've been too busy/sick/away from the tube to even keep track of who's playing this year. Usually, I'm right on top of it; but since the local team self-sanctioned themselves out of the post season, it's been easy to take a pass on things.

Hey! How about you? What are you thinking? Let us know, over on The Back Porch...

Come on over and chat!
3/27/2003, 2050

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 3/27/2003, 2030

I was trying to get a shot of that kafir lily...

...and realized a little back light from the setting sun gave a better shot:

Back lit...
3/26/2003, 2209

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 3/26/2003, 2200

A little something different...

Barbed wire coils...
3/25/2003, 2328

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 3/25/2003, 2300

And so it begins...

With provocation...

03/24/2003, 2212

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 3/24/2003, 2200

I guess that answers that question...

Remember when I said I cleaned a section of the carpet the other day?

The seal of approval..

03/23/2003, 1128

Part Two...

...of that weekend walk is up!

A Walk in the Field
Click for the story
03/23/2003, 0130

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 03/23/03, 0100

Best I could do...

Yeah, still not feeling well, but still...

Not bad...

03/22/2003, 2130

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 03/22/03, 2115