Twilight Daffodil

Twilight DaffodilSo let's start off with the daffodil shot from today: The daffodils have been blooming slowly this year what with the temperature swings and the rains coming and going, and I've been taking my usual series as each variety shows its faces. One area that I've planted is by the side of the 'steps' that lead to the raised area behind the pool. I have lamps lighting each 'step' and I noticed one of the daffs had been bent over by the rains and was under one of the lamps.

That shot was taken in deep twilight with just the bloom lit up by the lamp. With the camera's white balance set for 'incandescent' the bloom shows its natural colors while the background areas show the lack of red in the sky from the sun being effectively 'set'. For those into the details, the shot was taken with a Minolta A-2 at ISO 100, f/3.2, at 0.40 seconds...

Let me know if you like this sort of information on selected shots. It's not something I would do on every photo, but hey, I still owe you the story behind the "snail tree", don't I?

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