August, 2003's logo. From the Sacramento, California Train Museum

At least something thinks it's Autumn here...

10/08/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Friday 10/08/2004, 0001

The Thursday Threesome...

Onesome: Wild-- Whoa! ...wild times lately! Florida and neighboring states have been blown away; the Northeast has been deluged; California is shakin' again; and the Pacific Northwest is getting ready to erupt. Okay, what's too wild for you? What will you live with and what do you want to stay far, far away from? Well, we felt the Parkfield quakes clearly enough here, but I'll still take those any day over hurricanes and tornadoes. Yep, shake me into the sea, but don't blow me into the next county!

Twosome: Blue-- Blue Delft? Off the wall: What color are your day to day dishes. ...and does anyone in this crowd have some really nice stuff you like to break out for the upcoming holiday dinners? Hmmm... Some white Corelle with a blue edge (that's going to be replaced soon because neither Shelley or I like it). ...but we do have some nice Christmas stuff! ...and no, not Spode <g>, just Nikko.

Threesome: Yonder-- Oh, man, science fiction is reality: the private sector has reached space and is getting set to visit on a regular basis. Would you like to go out yonder? I mean, if the group with the five-seater offered you a suborbital flight, would you be up for that? In a heartbeat! I'd love to be able to have that view to the outside and to be able to look back down on 'home'. Oh, yeah, cut 'er loose!

Hey, where are you off to? Let us know, over on The Back Porch...

10/07/2004, 2105

Evening time...

10/07/2004, 0004

Any thoughts on that?
Thursday 10/07/2004, 0003

Sunset in a nutshell...

10/06/2004, 0003

Any thoughts on that?
Wednesday 10/06/2004, 0002

Morning light...

10/05/2004, 0002

Any thoughts on that?
Tuesday 10/05/2004, 0001

Monday's rose...

10/04/2004, 0033

Any thoughts on that?
Monday 10/04/2004, 0015

Weekend wondering...

Does anyone have a clue what this one is? Yep, it's from the same vine as that 'bee' shot from last week...

Donna and I were wondering...

10/03/2004, 2324

Any thoughts on that?
Sunday 10/03/2004, 2300


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10/02/2004, 2359

Any thoughts on that?
Saturday 10/02/2004, 2359